Friday, September 19, 2008

Pirate Day, or "Get Your Buff While You Can"

In pirate news, International Talk Like a Pirate Day has received an in-game nod in the form of pirates standing around willing to give you an hour buff that makes you look like a pirate. Alas, there's nothing more substantial to the holiday at this time, and it only lasts today, but anyone who grinds out Bloodsail reputation should be getting a shiny new title in the expansion.

The Buff: Like your hearthstone or the hour-long Valentines debuff, it keeps counting down while you're logged out. So don't expect to log and continue as a pirate the next day. Also, it does not do anything other than change your physical appearance--including hair, skin, face, and clothes--and shifting form removes it. Your weapons and race remain the same.

Dustfire in the Middle

My Druid, Breaking It Down

[Yes, that's my cute little Netherwhelp. No, it's not her permanent companion. That one will be announced in November.]

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