Thursday, September 11, 2008

PVP for You and Me, or "A New Reason Not to Roll PVP"

A while back I had a post about PVE vs PVP servers and how PVP servers no longer serve their original purpose as the only available PVP a player can have (since now we have battlegrounds and arenas).

Today, Blizzard announced that people from PVE (or "Normal") servers can pay to transfer to PVP (formerly not an option), and my 3 reasons to roll PVP were reduced to 2:

Learn to play your class in high-intensity conditions, thus becoming better at your class faster. I personally think that you can learn to play your class just as well in battlegrounds. Twinks are similar to high levels in that they have an unfair advantage and you have to figure out how to withstand them, and you can forge your skills on a fairly even field of battle.

Get bragging rights with all the schmoes who actually care whether or not you had to withstand massive gankings like they did. These guys are the ones who make fun of you for pretty much any reason they can yank out of their pasty white rears. They'll be the ones going "HAHA, you don't have the max gold limit and I do, HAHA!" They have no life and their opinions don't matter. Don't waste your time trying to impress them, because you will ALWAYS fail, even if you accomplish everything in the game they have and even some they haven't. They will never ever respect anyone other than themselves.

So, yeah, if you have the $25 per character to level PVE and then transfer, I say go for it. Take it easymode, because the only people who will grief you for it are the ones nobody likes anyway.


  1. I guess I've just started. Both PvP and WoW in general, really. Having played only about 8 months and with no characters even level 50 yet. So I really can't say how PvP is at higher levels. But I've been exposed to the frustration of ganking by ?? horde as I tried to do my PvE quests across Ashenvale. And other places as I found a group of friends to play with and we began levelling new characters together on the Ironforge/Stormwind side of world.

    But a funny thing happened as my dps specced druid hit the upper 30s and started running into Horde against whom he could win fights. Sometimes. I found out that I liked PvP when it was a fair fight. So yeah, I tried out battlegrounds and they fill some of that role if you want to take a break from levelling every 10 levels, and I've made a Tauren Druid on a different server specifically to be a battleground healer. But at the same time, twinks are really frustrating in the BGs. Sometimes it's still not a fair fight.

    I also made an Orc Hunter to go do world PvP. I set up a code of conduct that basically says don't do things to others that would piss me off if done to me (e.g. only attack players roughly my level, don't corpse camp). I take him to quest areas where I would expect to find alliance roughly my level. It's a blast. Tons more fun than BGs . . . and I spent a lot of time with him in Warsong Gulch. 2805 honor for Insignia of the Horde is a lot. Now that I've got the PvP rewards I wanted to flesh out his gear, . . . it's back to world PvP. Taking him to Duskwood for his early 20s progression. Sometimes I still run into ??s in quest zones my level, and it's not uncommon to set myself up for 2:1 fights. But if I can pick a good ambush site, I can avoid some of those. Track Humanoids helps. And I never have to deal with twinks.

    I would add one more reason to personal list of why to roll PvP. There's an extra intensity to the game. And maybe that's not for everybody, maybe that's why there are PvE servers. I just kinda' like the "gotta' watch your back" tension of questing on a PvP server. I mean, it's World of Warcraft, right? Getting ganked by ??s sucks, sure. But the times there's a fair fight? Those make it worthwhile.

  2. Good ole' PvP. I guess I am on Daggerspine because that's where my bf was. I really hated stranglethorn vale with a passion and my liking for allies has dwindled, I had some rough times there lol. Although I have meet some nice allies that don't gank me, but rather wave and smile and go about their business so I do know there are some nice ones out there. But at higher levels PvP is fun. The worries I had while leveling are gone for the most part, now it is just a matter of getting a fair fight if someone decides to attack you. And on my server it is rare to find an ally traveling alone. ;)

    I've been doing arena now since our guild has three people in it with level 70 characters now. It is a matter of "watching your back" sometimes, and looking out for your friends and that has brought us closer together. But I can also see where PvE and RP servers would be a lot of fun even if that PvP element isn't there. I think a player can learn to play their character no matter what type of server they play on, PvP doesn't make that big of a difference.


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