Sunday, September 28, 2008

Land of the Fittest, or "Oh, For the Love of God!"

A year ago, one of my husband's best friends left our guild and transferred his main to a high-population PVP server for various reasons, but mainly because our server was too small of a PVP fish for him to be happy.

I'm the exact opposite. Today I got incredibly frustrated over the fact that the ONLY reason I haven't bought Dustfire the title "of the Shattered Sun" is because nobody on my server will understand why I bought it. They'll think "Oh, that's just another moron who has to have the latest fad to show everyone how much money (s)he has." Because that's the only reason to do anything on a PVP server. To figure out whose is bigger.

Even though they'll never read this, allow me to type a message to the impotent losers on my server: Yours is. Because I don't even HAVE one. Idiots.

I don't want to be on a PVP server. I don't like it. I hate the constant aggressiveness and the way even friends seem to be in competition with each other all the time. I hate that I can't dress my characters up in pretty clothes without worrying that someone will come along and laugh at me for having my character in level 24 greens. I hate the gloating of the Haves and the wild vengeful ambition of the Have Nots.

I hate all of it.

It's always a letdown after I come back from my little role-playing breaks on Birdfall.

And the only reason I stay is because people I love are there. I'm not going to leave like my husband's friend did. But if my guild ever falls apart (unlikely, but hey), I'm transferring to a Normal RP server. At least as far as today's mood goes, I am.

[edit] Okay, I won't transfer. Even if my guild falls apart, there's a core group I'll want to stay with no matter what. :P


  1. 1. Have you HEARD some of these "big, bad l33t players" in ventrilo? They sound nerdier than Dylan.

    2. Have fun with the game. Who cares what the jerks think? I always get a kick out of seeing people who dress their characters up in a cool-looking manner.

    3. If you want a title, get said title. Again, people who gripe at OTHER people about crap like that really need to --(select an insult)--

    a) Grow up.
    b) Get a life.
    c) Grow a pair.
    d) Shut up.
    e) Kill themselves.
    f) All of the above.

    If you can't have fun (and I think we DO have fun on our server) then why play a game? Why not... wash dishes instead?

  2. I bought the title because it fit a storyline I've been writing for my toon. Sure enough, there were people in my guild who began ragging me for "wasting the gold" and "buying fame" and other crap.

    I shrugged and said it was my gold, my time earning it, and if it bothered them so very much to have their titles turned off when we did anything together.

    When one continued to rag me I asked if he was an immature asshat, or jealous that I had a grand in gold that I was able to 'waste' without a second thought. Shut him up quickly... :)

    If you want the title, go for it. :D

  3. I got the Shattered Sun title last week because someone told someone it was leaving with the patch (which hasn't actually been announced that I know of).

    So I went the extra mile and got a pretty dress to wear in town.

    I find I'm much happier now that I've decided to outfit Dusty like a real RP character, even though I can't RP on her.


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