Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pets Account-Bound, or "I Know They're Going to Nerf This"

Pets you get at Blizzcon or in a Collector's Edition will become heirlooms--meaning you can trade them between characters and thus give all of your characters the "spell" to learn that pet. (Blizzcon pets include Murky, Tyriel's Hilt, and Murloc Suit)

Blue poster Tigole answered the following question with "Sure":
If I move a character with a CE pet to another one of my accounts, do I still have the pet learned? What if I move a character with the account-bound item on it? Could I use this method to move the CE pets around to my different accounts and have all the characters learn them? Intra-account realm moves to have characters learn the pet on different realms on the same account?
If he was being serious and they don't change this, since collector's edition pets will still be mailed to each character as you create them, people could potentially create a horde and alliance level 1, send them all of the CE pets (panda, zergling, mini diablo, netherwhelp, frosty), move them to a new account, and auction that account off on eBay--essentially selling the CE pets to populate whole accounts. (This would not be feasible for the Blizzcon pets, because sending your original away means you can't learn it on any new characters.)

But people who have Murky on all the characters they want it on could sell off a level 1 with the pet item in its bags.

This has been implemented as a way to reduce "Customer Service requests in regards to item restoration" -- a way for players to take care of their own CE pet issues without hassling Blizzard. Thus, since it's being done to make their lives easier and not ours, they have not done this for Trading Card Game pets or mounts. But I have hope. Tigole said "For now it just applies to Blizzard Items or CE items" and I'm hanging onto that "For now" like a kid with a runaway Dragon Kite.

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