Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brew of the Month, or "Drink for Fun, Drink to Achieve"

The Brewfest post was getting pretty long, so the Brew of the Month Club gets its own post.

If you've done the repeatable quests every day since the first day, you should have 200 tokens on your character. I missed the Dark Iron daily once and have 4 characters with the following amounts: 211, 195, 191, 196.

To be honest, I've never cared about drinking funny drinks to change my look. After my first character, I started passing by the guy with Noggenfogger because, to be honest, it just took up bag space. I don't use vanity food or drinks -- I like to keep them stocked away to look at and think "I'll use them when the time is right," but it seems like there's never a right time. I'm either too busy or the occasion isn't special enough.

So when I advise you to go ahead and get this (200 token!) club membership, you know I'm not doing it because of my insatiable appetite for wacky consumable fun.

I'd Rather Have a Dress

So would I. And you can get it if you don't care about the following things:

1. "Brewmaster" title. Get the club membership first, then concentrate on filling out the other acheivement requirements, and next year you can be "Brewmaster [Character Name]." Getting the acheivement requires patience and a willingness to forgo that beautiful outfit in case, after getting the club membership, you only have enough tokens at the end of the holiday for the hat and shoes (tokens disappear after the holiday, so you should definitely buy what you need before it ends).

2. This wicked awesome Violet Proto-Drake. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the reward for completing all the holiday achievements. He's covered in purply Win:

What If I Don't?

It's up to you. But if you change your mind later, it'll take a full year after the next Brewfest to get the full benefit of the Club Membership achievement. You get a drink a month, and you have to drink all 12 to get the credit for it.

What If I Do?

I come bearing pictures, but the essence is: Pick up the membership, start the quest. Take it to the required person in the city and turn it in. You'll get one new drink on the first of each month and you can head to that same turn-in guy to buy more (but only the ones you've already gotten). You should receive a confirmation mail immediately.

Grats, you rule!


  1. ooooo . . .

    I haven't been doing the Brewfest stuff at all. I mean, the outfits are nifty, but I'm not a drinker IRL and fake drinking games don't thrill me either.

    But that proto-drake looks way, way, way cool. Yeah, I definitely have to rethink doing Brewfest.

  2. Ok so...

    Violet Proto-Drake...

    I wants it.

    But here's the kicker. *Brace yourself, this could sting a little*

    I did everything I could to save up enough for the the Brew of the Month club. NOT knowing at that time the reward for finishing all of the holiday achievements. Anyway, I kept on questing merrily during Brewfest completing everything (except the one where you have dance in Dalaran or whathaveyou) yet somehow..

    I didn't complete the step to kill Coren Direbrew? Uhm...I'm sorry, yes I did. I was there, I remember the whirlwind of hurt he puts out. *sigh* Thanks I have to wait until next year! *sigh*

    I covet thee, Violet Proto-drake and someday, thou shalt be mine.

  3. It'll take another year anyway, with the Brew of the Month. <3 If it makes you feel better, Birdfall isn't even high enough level to try the holiday bosses. ^_^;

    Also, I'd have to check Dustfire, but it might have not counted just because Achievements weren't implemented yet, though you'd think they'd give credit if you finished the quest.


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