Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fashion, or "You're Still Wearing WHAT?!"

I realize that the tabard you got for winning a battleground during the Olympics is all rare and everything . . .

But it's an ugly, ugly tabard, and it's time to put it in the bank.

There are other, better tabards in the world. Find them. Use them. Love them.

This has been a public service announcement on account of me seeing way too many people still wearing that hideous Competitor's monstrosity.


  1. Oh, I don't know. Goes great with my paladin gear.

  2. But see, you could say that about any outfit, because it's covered in different colors. If it's yellow you're after, there are plenty of faction loves that want to be your friend. (I should make a post soon about tabards.)

  3. It really is a horribly ugly tabard. Leave it to the olympics to refuse to update its logo in like three thousand years. /bah

    WTB Argent Dawn tabard!!

  4. It is ugly! I was glad I got it though, another little piece of memorabilia to stick in the bank.

  5. I was glad I got it though, another little piece of memorabilia to stick in the bank.

    Oh, totally. Useless items that you only get once a year are completely worth the bank slot. I have two bags almost full of things I never use but like to sit on, like a fat hen on a golden egg. Then when one of my friends wants to have a dress-off (where we put on our dresses to see who has more), I pull everything out and we do battle right in front of the bank. I should record it next time. >_>

  6. Yep! My bank is pretty much full of clothes, I know I'm not on an rp server but it's so much fun to put together something good looking. My fave is Corsair's Overshirt from Deadmines. I also have a full set of 64 armor that I saved up to buy and will be keeping it forever. :] I even get a few compliments once in a while so that puts the icing on the cake. Gotta save up tokens for the brewfest dress! lol. I would love to see your whole collection, you should definitely post it up sometime.

  7. I think I wore that thing for the... 2 seconds it took me to re-open my inventory and re-equip my SSO Tabard...


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