Saturday, July 25, 2009

AFK: Facepalming, or "Can I Join YOUR Guild?"

Manasap: sitie hi
Manasap: can i join ur guild?
Sitie: No.
Manasap: why not?
Sitie: Because you're a 58 DK.
Manasap: whats rong with that?
Sitie: Means you need to delete your toon and go back to the server you came from.
Manasap: oh wow.... w/e

[Here I screenshot the above and tab out of my mage Klaudia to start a post about mean people who are rude to poor innocent morons who don't know any better. Then I tab back in and see...]

Manasap: hi klaudia

[This startles me into laughing and I give up the post about mean people being rude to poor innocent morons.]

Klaudia blinks at Manasap.
Klaudia: Hello.
Manasap: an i join ur guild?
Manasap: can I join your guild?
Klaudia: :) We only have 1 active member, me. I suggest advertising in /general for a guild.
Klaudia: Tell them what you want out of a guild.
Manasap: well can i join? =]
Klaudia: Sorry, it's a family only thing. :*(
Manasap: oh can u sak them if i can?
Ject: ( I'll be part of your family, bebe. )
Klaudia: You'd be much happier in an active guild.
Manasap: ok then
Klaudia works on her enchants.
Ject whispers: ( You handled that well. )
I whisper back: ( Thank you. I used to be an officer in a family guild on another server. We had some kids like that. )
Ject whispers: ( Haha. We've all met up with people like that. )
I whisper: ( ^_^ )
Manasap: setha hi
You are now AFK: Facepalming.


  1. Awwww.... I remember being a noob, chatting in pchat with a friend in Darnassus when another friend ran by. They started chatting in /s, and I had no idea how to do that, so I went in /1... /facepalm

    I hope Manasap learns.

  2. Aww. I remember looking for my very first guild. I was about lvl 10, didn't know my frostbolt from my fireball, and just wrote "LFG" in trade chat. I notcied people using that phrase a lot, and was pretty sure it meant "looking for guild". Those retarded noobish days, where did they go? And I must say, you did handle the situation pretty neatly.

    (and for some reason I can't sign this with my usual blog name :<
    i'm from )

  3. With my first character I wanted to stay guildless. I gave up after a few days because I had to explain every 10 minutes to a random person why I don't want to join his guild.

    I just joined a guild to be left alone... and it worked...

    Strange world...


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