Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solanari, or "The First Dragonhawk I've Seen"

My getting these screenshots follows an epic and embarrassing tale of hiding my UI to catch her mounting, stealing her Bombadier kill by accident because my UI was hidden, thus annoying one of my Chillmaw group members.

I was already feeling pretty stupid after the comment discussion for my last post, and as this immediately followed that, I felt more or less like a Grade A /wrist moron.

Ah, the things I go through for screenshots.

Anyway. Solanari was nice in her emotes after I /sorry'd and I got those 3 okay screenshots (above) and then one armoryshot of her achievement.

*trumpets blare*

Solanari (Moon Guard) has the 100 Mount Achievement.

I don't know if anyone else has it, but I'm very interested in seeing associated collections.


  1. Grats with the achievement:)

  2. I've actually seen a few dragonhawks around on my realm (Ysera-US). Both factions. I never really check the names though... Sry.

  3. I saw a blue one flying past me the other day and nearly gave my drake whiplash trying to get turned around fast enough to see it clearly. But it was already gone.


    If you want I can send her to this blog so you can make more screenshots. She also have spectral tiger in her collection.

  5. Spectral tigers are awesome. See if you can't get her to put her collection on WarcraftMounts and give me the link? I would love to compare how people got the 100 mount count so far. :)


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