Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ulduar Funs, or "Relaxing Time is Relaxing"

We had one of those nice 10-man raids that feels a little like a vacation. My family group was all there and other folks were nice and useful and friendly and easy-going.

I've been in Ulduar twice now, on a 25-man for the first part (up to that crazy robot gnome, XT) and tonight on a 10-man for Ignis, Kologarn, Hodir, and Mimiron.

Tonight was really great. If I had a Peen, it would be so E- right now. (As it is, I think I deserve cookies and maybe nachos and definitely a kitty cuddle of triumph until he grunts and scratches me to get away.)

I placed on a dps meter for the first time in, like, ever. I got 4th on Ignis!!! This makes me super-happy in particular because my gear isn't uber-pro like people who raid more than me, so I must have done something right with my rotation. (I also got an off-hand that made me happy. Not my best upgrade, but still something I needed -- it lowered my hit so that I wasn't overcapped and increased my overall dps.)

After Ignis, I got a nice rundown of Hodir's strat, which is essentially "Don't stand in any blue consecrate until he does the REALLY BIG CONSECRATE WITH THE ROCKS and keep jumping." My brother said it was okay if I died but GASP! I lived! And got some accidental achievements off of it. I have no idea how but, um, yay!

Family group patted me on the virtual back after Hodir, and my brother started talking about how I did really well but no one ever survived their first Mimiron. And to let you know how pro I'm not, my strat prep for new bosses is to whisper my husband on the trash and go "What next?"

But family group patiently whispered me all along the trash to Mimiron and I repeated the boss steps a few times to make sure I had them. (Phase 1-Range. Phase 2-Move. Phase 3-Stand on group. Phase 4-All.)

My brother described the boss fight as very similar to the heroic achievements we've done. Complicated. Lots of things changing about, particularly your positioning.

I LIVED!!! Well, until the last few seconds. I got befuddled when they told me to go back to dps'ing the head in Phase 4 at the end of a "run behind his back or he'll pewpew you" and stayed close for a second too long and he smushed my face. (I'd stopped with the head because it was dying too fast and they told me to switch to torso.) I felt all glowy and happy that I lived 99% of the fight and everyone gave me even bigger back-pattings.

Still, I would have died sooner if everyone else hadn't been so pro. Family group guys said the offtank (called M5 because we have so many Matts we've just started numbering them) did a fantastic job with the bombs (I tilted my head, thought "What bombs?" and took their word for it), and one of the healers (a shaman) took over my dps target for the last percentage or two after I got smushed.

And, well, everyone did a great job.

Anyway. :D I'm very happy and wanted to share the warm fuzzy feeling. *tosses warm fuzzies around* Share! Share!!


  1. Yea and I am sooo mad I couldn't be there with you! x/

  2. Gratz!

    I'm still avoiding Raid night so I don't have to deal with Drama in Ulduar.

    Also, I'm nowhere near geared for it.

  3. I'm so happy you had such a good time! Reminds me of our guild's first runs thru Kara. Everyone had fun, did better than they thought they would, and we managed a full clear our second time in there!

    Fast forward to now, our casual guild has become a hard core raiding guild, there's always drama and whispers, people's feelings are getting hurt, and I just don't feel like raiding anymore. WTB your run plzkthx!

    Sorry, don't wanna rain on your fuzzy warm feelings, they really feel great! XD

  4. Ouchies. Yeah, higher stress = less fun. Is there no one willing or able to run a nice casual 10-man with you?

  5. My hubby and I tried several times to get things going... Problem is that people don't really care if it's not our RL/GM that arranges it, and he doesn't really go out of his way to support anything he doesn't plan -__-
    I'm have half a mind to leave and find a nice 10 man raiding guild, one that's actually casual and doesn't just claim to be so... but then there are tangles of friendships and hurt feelings... *sigh*
    On a positive note, I'm now leveling an army of alts! XD Gotta remember that silver lining ;o)

  6. Twas a very enjoyable run indeed. Now we just need to get a similar group in there for Yogg. >.> You'd like the Yogg encounter, B. It's even more of a dance at first than Mimiron, but instead of the music speeding up it slows down as you progress through the phases. Phase 1 = chaotic, Phase 3 = slow & steady. Just imagine doing Mimiron backwards (starting with Phase 4)... that's why we have trouble training in new people on Yogg.

    So... point... convince the hubby to sign for Thursday? :P


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