Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ember Wars, or "How to Win Over Jerkfaces"

So I'm on Birdfall and I've been trying to get the WG quests done once a week because there's a mount and I want the collection achievements on her and my husband wants me to buy a nice heirloom piece for my 23 warrior, yadda yadda.

Birdy sucks at PVP. I mean, I do all the right moves, but her gear makes her pop like a bubble.

I'm okay with this. After having to level a priest and druid through a PVP server and progress them through the hellish muck of endgame PVP in BC and Wrath... Yeah. I've learned how to stay calm when I spend more time in the graveyard than on the field.

After the WG, I decide to do the quest where you have to get 10 fire elemental embers. It's like 1 off the little ones, 2 off the big ones, 5 off opposing players. I have to deal with the little ones because we don't control the area, but that's okay.

I'm killing, killing, I see a horde shaman and (to let him know I'm friendly) help him kill his little mob and then run back to pick another one up for myself (at a safe distance). I kill two little mobs and pick up a third closer to the shaman, thinking he won't hurt me if he hasn't tried yet.


He jogs over, starts a spell, and I think "If you're about to do what I think you're doing--YOU JERK!"

I contemplate my situation at the graveyard and on the ride back.

"You know," I say to myself, "he hasn't grown up on a PVP server. He doesn't know how the pros do it. He doesn't have the technique for serious ganking."

So I stealth. I find him. I know I can't beat him in a one-on-one fair fight, but those of you who don't know what PVP servers are about should know this -- world PVP is never about a fair fight. Serious gankers? They don't let you fight back. They don't give you a chance. And if things start to look fair, they bring in friends.

They annoy every last particle of patience out of your body until you're ready to /wowquit.

So my plan isn't to kill him but rather to inconvenience him until my sense of justice is satisfied. Bonus if I can get his mobs to help me kill him (a particularly nasty world PVP trick, because PVP deaths don't break your gear but helping a mob kill someone does).

I see his mob -- he crits it down in just a few shots, to my disappointment. I sneak in and stun him, plant two mutilates on his face, and use my finisher stun.



Circle back.

"Once he gets another mob, I'll do it again."

Steady nerves. Intense focus. Vengeance.

"O.O Uh, wut?"

A druid pops up behind him and stuns him. I'm close, and I sprint toward the fight. She's strong and fast, quickly gaining the upper hand.

He shakes the stun off and starts to retaliate against the druid. I interrupt him and make sure he can't move while she finishes his stupid jerk face off.

"Oh hay, look," I say to myself. "5 items from his stupid dead body! And I just had 3 to go. :D Hurray!"

To the druid, I offer thanks by way of explanation: ":) Jerk killed me after I helped him."

She grins back. "That's the second time I've gotten him. XD"


I see him on the road as I head to turn in the quest he unwillingly helped me finish. I contemplate following but decide to leave him alone. I can't win a real fight, and my sense of justice is back in balance.


  1. I hardily approve of Revenge ganking in World PvP. But then, I play a Mage. It's all I can do unless I've been Frostfire Bolting them from 41 yards.

  2. Playing a warrior means I never get a chance to satisfy my sense of justice. :) Pretty much anyone can see me coming from like 8 miles off, I get blasted down to half health before getting into melee range, then get chain stunned until dead. No sneaky for me. Sigh.

    So I guess what I'm saying is... Thanks! A little justice for us that can't PvP. :D

  3. Heh. Real warriors scare me. I mean, it takes a certain amount of guts to even roll one nowadays, and the people who figure out hot to play one...

    Man, I pale at the thought of fighting a skilled Warrior. I would rather air-camp/Blastwave a warrior than try to snipe them.

  4. Today after logging on, I'll have to tell my realm how much I love him for being a carebear realm. I think I can't tell him that often enough.

    I rerolled after 1.4 on PvE. 1.4 was the "honor patch". Never looked back, never missed the old realm. :-)

    And I hate all these holiday events which lure us into flagging for world PvP. I don't have to do these "things" but they lure me with achievements and rewards. Blizzard should just accept that people, who out out of PvP, don't wan't to PvP. But yeah, some of their designers are probably not mature enough to notice that. :-)


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