Monday, July 13, 2009

Impress Me, or "80s Make Girls Hot, Wut?"

[waiting for Naxx 25 to start]

Female Guildmate: Why am I getting random tells from a 24 hunter saying "hey babe"?

Male Guildmate 1: He likes you?

Thellys: Because you made the mistake of being female, and letting people KNOW you're female.

Female Guildmate: He's 24. He just asked if I want to date. Maybe I should take him up on it. Ooh, he has 6 level 80s. I'm sold!

Me: Oooh! Charming.

Male Guildmate 2: Thellys has 7.

Me: According to this logic, I need to leave Shenn for Thellys. Why do guys think lots of 80s impress women?

Thellys: Guys believe, stupidly, that the things that impress them would also impress girls.

Me: Oooooh!


  1. *laughs*

    What a line of bullshit. Every time I hear, "I have x level 80s", my immediate thought is,

    "Really? And is 80 * x your bodyweight?"

  2. I also find this hilarious. If I were a woman, I'd want a guy who was dedicated to one character and played them exceptionally well, instead of a guy who split himself between multiple alts and probably played all of them averagely.

    (This harks back to real life where most women want a husband dedicated to them alone not multiple mistresses)

    Saying I have >insert number of 80's here< is like saying to a woman in WoW, 'I've slept with >insert number of 80's here< women. But will you date me still?' :>

    What does having multiple (over 3) 80's prove? I have still yet to grasp why people say they have so many in game :S

  3. "Really? And is 80 * x your bodyweight?" HAH! That's frikkin awesome, I'm gonna have to steal that!
    Funny thing is, I used to think WOW was played entirely by guys like that hunter... so I kept my gender secret, claimed I didn't have a mic, etc. Then when we started raiding and I "bought" a mic, I found that people were extremely cool about it, no nasty comments, no stalker types, all of that.
    Then of course, guys like that hunter pop up every so often and remind you that all is not roses in WOW... -_-

  4. When other players bring up to me their level 80 alts, it's been in one of two contexts.

    One is in sharing what they've done in the game. As in, "There's this really cool stuff I've done/seen/experienced . . ." I never mind that. I enjoy sharing the game and that includes sharing what others have accomplished. Talk about instances, raids, quests, lore, players . . . all the stuff you (through your character or characters) have been exposed to over the course of playing 80 levels? Fun times. I do that with my IRL friends, kids, brother. It's why I visit sites like this.

    The other context has been to establish a degree of authority. As in, "I have a level 80 so I know what I'm talking about so you should take my advice." Or "more level 80s than you" or "have had X level 80s longer than you" or some variation.

    I always suspected that was b.s. and now having arrived there myself, I am more convinced than ever that it has very little to do with how well you know or play the game other than, perhaps, incidental familiarity with some of the content.

    "Hey, baby . . . I've got six level 80s. Wanna' go out some time?" lol. I've never seen that. That is hilarious. It certainly appears to be the same type of action as that second context, though. It's like animals establishing dominance in a pack. Males establish dominance over other males to keep themselves at the top of the pack and males demonstrate dominance to females to impress them, get on their good side.

    Maybe it would be more impressive if he puffed out his cheeks, hooted a little and threw leaves in the air.

  5. "Maybe it would be more impressive if he puffed out his cheeks, hooted a little and threw leaves in the air."

    LOL. Just LOL.

  6. i'd like to meet this thellys guy. sounds like a hottie!

  7. Yeah, who is this FG? She sounds like a cool chick.

    In all seriousness, it sometimes strikes me as simply absurd the things that people will do/say in game in an attempt to win the affection of a pretty girl. I didn't link it in raid chat, but I believe I said something to him along the lines of "How do you even know if I'm a guy or a girl??" and he merely said "Please date me" again... which just made me pity da fool... =]

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  9. Edit for typo:

    I haz cheezburger, plz marry me?

    It's that ridiculous.

    Male members of the human race you're letting the side down come on chaps! Wake up to reality a bit. Tons of 80's doesn't mean you have a bigger...exactly.

  10. Awww, I love boasting idiots that wants to impress me with how many 80s they have. There's just something incredibly demented, retarded and epeen-desperate about it <3
    But no, really. Sometimes the amount of idiots found in Azeroth amaze me. That's when it's fun to gather up that little partially sane amount of kids in the game, and laugh at them. Makes us all feel to gash-darned good.


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