Sunday, December 9, 2007

Be Careful Who You Ignore, or "We Own This Server, And We'll Get You"

So a guy came up to my husband a few weeks ago in Terrokar and just started attacking him verbally for no good reason (guild name and gear especially). Today we were in arenas and husband was watching my screen during the queue and saw the guy who insulted him. So he pointed him out to me.

He went to get tea and I said out loud in-game, "Ignoring [name] because he insulted my husband for no good reason." Then I /ignored him.

(Note that I said it out loud because he was there, and I wanted him and his friends to know what he'd done. If he hadn't been, there would have been no comment.)

Five minutes later, after the arena, his friend whispered me, telling me it was a bad idea: "Bad idea." He proceeded to inform me, paraphrased, that it wasn't a good idea to offend people because I might find myself "camped" more often.

When my family started talking to him, because I had to read it out loud in vent, because we were in vent from Arenas and the camping line was so absurd, we found out:
  1. His guild controls Zuluhed.
  2. They have Alliance alts with which to camp us.
  3. His guild could boycott our guild's goods and make life uncomfortable for us.
He seemed pleasant enough while telling us this. Ignoring the fact that Zuluhed is ... well, a dead server, and that I'm rarely on except for arenas/instances/dailies, and that our guild is almost completely self-sufficient, and that we all sell and trade through bank alts who aren't in the guild, and that we're all incredibly good friends, and that we're actually talking about a server transfer at the moment, then yeah, they could make our lives so incredibly hectic. I just don't know how we'll survive if we offend The Guild That Rules Zuluhed.

In all honesty, yeah, I'm going to publicly denounce and ignore and refuse to help anyone who hurts my family, and urge my guild to do the same (we have a Kill on Sight list that horde get on as often as alliance do). But I'm not going to be petty about it. /ignore, know the person is a jerk, let it be known to my friends and maybe the people around the battlemasters. That's my M.O. I don't "spam" (which I was accused of), I don't continue to bother anyone after the fact, and I don't hold a grudge. I just know not to associate with certain people because they're jerks.

Now, if I did that to an 8-year-old, yeah. I'd feel bad and apologize. I mean, I'd get upset about someone hurting our Aaron, publicly ignoring him like that even if it was his fault. He's young. But a regular player who insults my hubby for no good reason? I don't care if he's a GM. He will get ignored, and I won't be embarrassed to mention it publicly.

Anyway, the guy who whispered me, from what I can tell from what he said to my friends/family, was polite but arrogant (and not the same guy as the one I ignored, because they were on at the same time). He wasn't upset, either. Just ... had an overblown idea of his guild's importance and what discomfort they could cause our guild.

Honestly, some of our boys want more world pvp anyway.

Note that KoS would only apply if he bothered to go through with the camping threat. I wasn't saying that I would definitely KoS him, and he wasn't saying he would definitely camp me (I'm pretty sure). He was just really arrogant and trying to warn me not to offend the wrong people. Kind of like the mob.

Edit: Apparently, the guy who whispered me was the other guy's dad. This sheds new light and makes the whispers less random, and I understand the whisperer better and can sympathize, even though he should also be talking to his kid about not ragging on people's names and gear for no reason (my husband doesn't even care anymore, I just ignored because it's what a supportive wife does). But I don't mind as much being chastised by a parent -- protecting the kid is their job. I do mind him not being straightforward. I'm not unreasonable. Our Aaron is 12, and he's just my friend but I'd gut anyone who hurt him.

So... I'm still ignoring the son, but I might ignore the dad now too, to keep anything else from happening. Try and argue with an overprotective parent, you'll get ripped to shreds. There's nothing reasonable about it. It's all instinct.


  1. By the way, it's "humor" instead of "venting" because I wasn't annoyed. Just extremely turned-off.

  2. Ironically, I had to deal with a somewhat childish individual myself this weekend. I was on Farrow, healing ZF - the hunter had growl on, was constantly stealing aggro and would not feign. The type that really give hunters a bad rap. The Shriveled Heart was crap compared to what he had (the Triune Amulet) so I just asked why he rolled need on the POS? I could easily DE and we all roll. He said Stamina was very important and that his pet would gain a TON of hp from that neck piece. LOL

    He gained 8 stamina or something and lost strength and spirit. woohoo?

    Later a polearm drops with a simple weapon proc on it, no stats what so ever. He asks if he could need on it and I ask why since he would LOSE about 15 agility and stamina (duel wielding). So he turned his story and completely became a hipocrit.

    My guildie won the /greed on polearm and is using it to lvl up his skill until he can vender it. It really didn't have anything for anyone in the group. A shard would have been more worth while.

    Anyhoo, after the 2nd run in a row (yep we did it twice) the hunter gets huffy and leaves group after we actually wiped at the end on Ghaz's area. Too many mobs came + patrol.

    He then proceeds to message my guild mate saying how sorry he is that he's friends with me, this apparent huge bitch. Yep - so now for the few sentences I typed overall, after informing him of a couple things since he obviously just wanted a blue for the sake of a blue (and a crappy one at that), he is calling me a bitch.

    I honestly don't understand that mentality. Its a game. Its not OMGWTFIMGONNADIE because someone gave you some advice? People need to chill out lol

    I guess my questioning nature tends to hurt the pride of 15 year olds. For all I know, he was 40.

    I 100% agree with you on how you deal with /ignore. If you guys are on a pve server, check into Hellscream...its very populated from what I can tell? Arena every 6minutes on average, BG's are faster, and I never really have issues grouping.

  3. We're on pvp, and I think 2 of our guys jumped to Gurubashi and love it, so if we move that's a big reason to go there.

    Yeah... Ignorance and greed don't mix well. Sometimes even knowledge and greed don't mix well.

    For example, my friend and our guild's raid leader, a pally healer and usual tank for our family 5-man, really wants Shiffar's Nexus-Horn from Arcatraz. It has a chance to increase damage and healing by 225 when any spell crits, so it's usually considered a mage item for damage. BUT my friend did the math for every other similar item, realized his build was crit-full, and that any other item wouldn't be quite as good a healer trinket as this would be. (He's methodical and great with math, and he always does his research, so this means that he actually did the math several times for all comparable trinkets and this won.)

    So someone asks him to heal Arc and he says yes, and no one is even at Arc and it's going to take a while for some to finish something elsewhere -- including a mage, who is most likely going for the same item. So, as a courtesy, he whispers the mage and tells her, "I want you to know, I'm going to roll need on the Nexus Horn because that's the whole reason I'm going. I don't mind you rolling need as well, but just giving you a heads-up."

    She starts to explain that, no, it's a damage trinket for mages. He goes and checks his facts, because silly him if he was wrong. He wasn't wrong. He explains this.

    What follows is a lengthy discussion where the mage refuses to acknowledge that the trinket would be useful to a paladin at all and suggests every single other trinket that my friend compared this to, and my friend explains the math he did in detail and why those trinkets aren't as good.

    He and this other guy fly out to Arc to summon, because the mage and other 2 are taking forever. But when they're summoned, the mage gets leader and kicks my friend out of the party. Her parting comment is, "I don't have time for fools."

    So yeah. Woo. He really wants our group to do Arc so he can grab that trinket, and I'd like to get it for him sometime reasonably soon. I think he said it was the best thing until some of the later raid dungeons. And since he's the guild raid leader, he should know. ^_^;

  4. I also should note that, being raid leader and always a main healer on our raids, his getting the trinket would have had a larger impact for more people than the mage getting it.

  5. Yeah - that seems to happen in WoW...when you note some correct and accurate as to why you should get something over someone else, persay a higher upgrade, common curtesy or whatever, then they become immature children that cannot be proven wrong. they either remove you from group or bad mouth you to others. I just dont get it. But then again, those are the people I dont group with ever again.

  6. He didn't even mention being a raid leader or raid healer, but he was pretty sure that they didn't get another healer for that Arc run.


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