Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pink Hippogryph Soon, or "They'd Never Make a Pink Mount Too Hard to Get... Right?"

The uber hardmode mounts are all hyper-masculine, so I'm hoping this will just be a new addition to the Argent Tournament mounts, or even a world event prize. Anyway, something I can solo on 6 characters no matter of level. That'd be perfect.

I'm on this like Tiger on catnip (so... I drool on things and then roll around in it).

Big thanks to Wowgirl for the heads up. :)


  1. Oh, that's cool. I'm also still hoping that when they get around to redoing tree form, there will be one version with pink flowers (my raid leader does threaten to switch mains if they do that, he's just not a pink flower person I guess.)

  2. One version out of a selection is not bad at all. And why not offer a different color for female characters? Just in case they want to be super-girly. Even if it can be argued that's a sexist interpretation of women playing WoW, RP players might have super-girly characters who *would* use pink. Just sayin'.

  3. Of course this is shown right after I spend 150 thingies on the regular one. /sigh

  4. Looks like a rideable druid. :-)

  5. Arthas will shiver in his jackboots when he see's a legion of mortal players flying towards his citadel on cuddly pink hippogryphs!

    Im sorry, I am just a proto drake fan :>

    Arriving in Northrend, finding there are families of an undiscovered primordial dragon and taming one / being given one by Alexstrasza, to help in the fight against Arthas just seems so much cooler.


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