Wednesday, July 1, 2009

80 Birdfall, or "I Can't Believe I Ever Got Past Level 20"

After multiple server rerolls, horde taking priority, inconvenient interruptions, and a generous 2 years of playing Birdy off and on, I am pleased to announce that she hit 80 this morning while doing Argent Tournament quests. :)

I'm pleased, but I'm more pleased that my brother and sister-in-law are getting interested in their alliance alts again now that Night Elves have pink druid forms (she likes the pink, he likes his gruff, funny dwarf). My husband's druid is a nice 71 and I'm eager to help him with Dragonblight elite quests. In my spare time, I'll be grinding out a staggering 16-20k gold so I can help my family's low level alts get what and where they need.

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  1. Gratz!

    As I like to say when that glowing column appears, "Dingalicious!"


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