Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sell Your Sprite Darter, or "Money-Making Opportunity In 3.1"

[edit] New info, they changed it to BOP with a high drop rate.

This post is now void.

Once 3.1 hits, Sprite Darter Hatchlings will be farmable from Sprite Darters in Feralas -- I presume that both sides can farm them, but Alliance have their own quest to get one, so farming will be more of a Horde activity (Alliance will join in for the sales opportunities, I'm sure).

On a PVP server, expect the area to be camped by Alliance. Because Alliance are like that.

Depending on how aggressive you are, if you get in and farm this pet when 3.1 first hits, you can sell it for astronomical amounts of gold. To anyone farming this in the first week, I recommend you SELL and do not keep this pet. I also recommend bringing a friend with AOE or quick range (so you can tag more darters at a time), make targeting macros, and make sure you log out in the right spot the night before. If you bring a friend, agree to split the profit.

Over time, the price for these will go down toward Whelpling range, which is why you need to be in the first wave to make the most money. I wouldn't be surprised if the first 5 Sprite Darters listed on Neutral AH and Horde AH net close to 20,000g on high pop servers. No one on Horde has this pet, so the demand is high and the supply, so far, has been nonexistent -- the most perfect recipe for profit you will ever find.

You'll have a lot of people competing with you (or killing you), which is why I suggest you only try this if you're aggressive and willing to fight a little dirty to get the mobs tagged.

To be honest, I don't think farming Darters is a good idea unless you have the ability to stay at it, screw people over, and get lucky in the first few days (I'd take one look at the crowd and hearth dejectedly). You also want to get your Darters up on the AH fastfastfast because once supply starts growing, prices will drop.

For BUYERS -- do not bid on the first wave of Darters. Wait a few months. You will save thousands of gold if you're patient because prices will stay high (though not as high as first-week sales) until the most obsessive Horde collectors are done buying.

For your entertainment, when 3.1 comes out, I'll run out to the Darter area on Zuluhed (low pop PVP) and Moon Guard (high pop Normal RP) and take screenshots so you can see the insanity.


  1. The little sprite darters are friendly to Alliance characters. We have a quest, we don't need to slaughter cute little things to get them, like the uncivilized Horde will do. ;)

  2. How dare you suggest that the mighty Horde are uncivilized!

    I for one shall be slaughtering these vicious little beasts whilst donning my monocle and most stylish tuxedo suit. I will of course take my picnic basket along for crumpets and will read from my off-hand book of high quality Thalassian literature during lunch.

    Tea with sugar anyone? ;)

  3. I sure hope 3.1 comes soon. Most of the horde on my realm was in Westfall last night "farming" quest NPCs. Give 'em something to do. :D

    (Course, none of the Alliance kiddies showed up, because they were most likely doing the same at Crossroads... sigh... You'd think that would have gotten old about, oh, three years ago?)

    Seriously, that's one of my favorite pets and I'm glad everyone will be able to get it now. I read about it a long time ago, and (pre-questhelper and low-level quest locator) spent a good amount of time trying to find the quest giver. It's like freakin' Where's Waldo. You're right, Alliance will still want to run the quest, now that it's easier to find, but Horde players will enjoy it as well. It's one of the most unique and awesome pets.


  4. Does anyone know if these will be BOP?

    I'm wondering, because Alliance cannot farm them at all - they are friendly. And the Sprite Darter you get as a quest reward is, of course, soulbound.

    If Blizzard is seeking to redress the imbalance on this pet, they may have made the drop for Horde soulbound too.


  5. Obviously, farming for sale won't be possible if it's BOP. I'm working off the assumption that, like other low droprate pets, it won't bind.

    I assumed Alliance could kill Sprite Darters. I guess I got Birdy and Dusty confused, because I thought I killed them for a quest or something. But yes, Alliance CANNOT kill Sprite Darters. Blue post says: "Sprite Darter Eggs: May now (very rarely) drop from Sprite Darters in Feralas. Note that only Horde characters can attack and kill Sprite Darters."

    My husband doubts my numbers for sale. On low pop servers, I would say it might not be worth it, but on high pop servers, I saw a Hyacinth Macaw (rarest pet) going for 10,000g. I'll check the AH the first day to try and catch prices for Darters if they don't bind, so we can see what they go for.

  6. Oho.

    I needs money because I just dropped about 1200 gold on mounts (I finally hit exalted with the Mag'Har and I wanted the rest of the buyable fliers from Shadowmoon Valley).

    Plus, I want a mammmoth, a Blue Wind Rider, and you know, other cool stuff.

  7. On a PVP server, expect the area to be camped by Alliance. Because Alliance are like that.

    C'mon now. Having played for a little over a year schizoiding between several Horde and Alliance characters on both PvP and PvE servers I can authoritatively say I've seen assholes on both sides on both types of servers.

    I sure hope 3.1 comes soon. Most of the horde on my realm was in Westfall last night "farming" quest NPCs. Give 'em something to do.

    Excellent example of behavior PvE assholes engage in. I never see characters camping quest NPCs on a PvP server. On PvE I've seen horde do it at Astranaar and Alliance at Crossroads. Obviously, I'm not saying PvP players are all angelic . . . they'd just camp you instead of the person you have to turn your quest into, right? But PvP, PvE, Horde, Alliance . . . griefers will find a way to do the thing they do.

  8. I've only ever been killed by Alliance. You can infer the politically correct statement (which is there in the sentiment, if not in the wording), but for the sake of my guildies, and my husband's best friend who pretends Birdfall is a blood elf, when I talk about PVP it's going to be how mean the Alliance are.

  9. Ahhh. Right.

    Well then, I guess I've been a bad soldier in the Alliance army. I'll have to make up for it. Maybe head on down to Feralas and "protect" the innocent sprite darters.


  10. Just got mine.

    IT IS BOP.

    just for clarification


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