Monday, March 16, 2009

Tempted, or "Normal Server People Should Know Better"

I'm questing on Birdfall (started again yesterday because Alliance swarmed Zuluhed and I couldn't finish up Dusty). Moon Guard is a normal RP server, no auto-PVP, and it's really relaxing when I'm sick of Alliance jerks.

So I'm questing this morning and I see this orc warrior, 1 level lower than me.

His name is yellow.

This means he's flagged for PVP.

I pass him once.


I stealth and start to wonder if he's afk.

And the whole time, my fingers itch toward my attacks.

I could take him out so easy, my mind croons. Think of the satisfaction. The pwnage.

No, I tell my mind. I came here to get away from that!

I watch him as I kill orcs for talismans. I'm in agony. He's half health.

He finally begins to move, attacks a mob that may have been on him. I was too busy fantasizing about his dead body to notice.

Another mob joins the fray, casting fireballs from a distance. His health is going down quickly.

My mind cries Go go go! And the rest of me joins in. Finish him!

I watch, desperately cheering the mobs, praying they wipe that PVP flag from him by the time he rezzes.

He dies.

I let out a satisfied sigh as if I killed him myself.

I sit back. The temptation is dead on the ground.


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