Friday, March 27, 2009

Contest, or "Who Wants to Win a Sandbox Tiger?"

Contest Open from March 27 - April 10

Set the toy down, hop on, and watch your character
wobble back and forth, arms in the air, for a great time!

How to Enter


Email will be deactivated after the contest ends.

In your entry, describe how you would Role-Play your character.
  • You must include your character name (weird letters and all), server, and whether you are EU or US.
  • You may choose to describe one or more character, but additional characters will not earn extra entries into the raffle.
  • There is no minimum or maximum word count, but I think it's safe to say one sentence doesn't qualify as "honest effort" (see disqualifications section below).
  • Any entrant who makes the effort will be included in the raffle except where noted otherwise.
  • Tips for what you might cover in your entry: clothing choices, mount and pet choices, personality, history, quirks, appearance, interacting with others. These are not required, they are only suggestions to get you started.
  • Please feel free to include a copy of your entry in the comments if you want others to see it, but to join the raffle you must email your entry to the above address.
  • Each entrant should make an honest attempt to meet the required criteria. I reserve the right to disqualify entries that fail.
  • I will not disqualify anyone for having a less than perfect entry -- writing skill and personal creativity will not be judged or penalized. If you make an effort, you'll get in the raffle whether or not your entry is the best.
  • My guild and family may enter for fun and giggles but their names will not be submitted to the final drawing for the prize.
Raffle & Notification

I will draw a name out of a hat. Literally.

The winner will receive an email notification with the Sandbox Tiger code as well as an announcement post here. The card itself will not change hands, just the code.


  1. 8D

    I love doing these things!

    Time to work on Lamora's backstory....

  2. I'm super super excited about the tiger but... what's really getting me excited, now that I wrote it, is what you think of it!! Will you be posting any?

  3. Shattered Halls-US Horde
    Name: Lamora
    Race: Troll
    Gender: Female
    Class: Mage
    Age: mid-30s (Exact age unknown. Lamora was an orphan)
    Background Information
    Lamora is, and will always be, an odd duck among the Darkspear Tribe. To say that she is eccentric would be downplaying the terms her comrades have used for her. While she was an orphan for her entire childhood and during the subsequent year that followed during the move from the Echo Isles to Orgrimmar, she was eventually “adopted”, so to speak, by a much older Troll by the name of Averroes, who taught her much of what she entered the service of the Horde with, as well as a few other tricks. Most of them included how not to blow yourself while playing with fire spells.
    Lamora, like most Horde Mages, quickly became a master a fire magics, and spends quite a bit of time trying to alter them in different ways. She has managed to convert a fireball spell into a form of a hovering candle to light her way when traveling at night or in dark caves, and never needs to make a fire pit for when she cooks. However, she has recently discovered the joys of the Frostfire Bolt spell, which has her dabbling into Frost magic. The last time she played with Arcane magics, she nearly caused all of time to twist and contort in such a way that would have destroyed the very universe (or so she says. It probably didn’t help that she was completely smashed when it happened.)
    Lamora’s primary residence seems to be in Undercity, but in reality, she never stays in the same place more than a few days at a time. While this makes her very hard to keep track of, she still manages to attend the meetings scheduled by the Guild.

    Lamora’s Quirks
    She has a love for languages, and has tried to tinker with her Arcane Intellect (Now Dalaran Intellect) spell to provide a translation function. While she has had small success in the endeavor, she still is about intelligible as a six year old in Thalassian, a nine year old in Taur-ahe and she gave up trying to incorporate Gutter Speak after she nearly fried her own brain adding the spell modifications in the first place.
    While Lamora loves Gnome meat, she is one of the Darkspear that is really trying to change from the old waves. That, and she’s actually met Thrall. When she finds someone who hasn’t met the Warchief, she emphasizes that you do not mess with Thrall, and that if he tells you to do something, you’d better do it. She tries to compensate by eating meat from just about anything she she kills, but this has led to various incidents that she refuses to repeat (don’t ask about the time she tried Silithids).
    Lamora on Pets
    Lamora loves cats. She has a lot of them. Granted, she loves small critters in general, but above all, she loves her White Kitten. When Averroes first met Lamora, she had her arms full of kittens. He still shakes his head sadly and thinks she’s wasting perfectly good meals.
    Lamora on Mounts
    Lamora will also try to ride anything. So far, she likes the Talbuks that the Mag’Har have trained, but every now and then she takes her Bear mount out of the stables in Dalaran for a run. She also managed to make a Magnificent Flying Carpet recently, mainly until she can finally tame a Netherdrake from Shadowmoon Valley.
    Lamora on Clothing
    Lamora is a tailor by trade, and has horrible taste. At least that’s what her friends say (they’re all Blood Elves though). When her clothing does match, it’s entirely by accident. She spends most of her time running around in her adventuring outfit, which is an outfit cobbled together from clothing from all over. Epaulets that she bought from the Warmasters in Orgrimmar. Robes, boots, belt and gloves she got adventuring into Naxxaramas. A hat she made herself. And to top it all off, her purple and gold Tabard she bought from a Vendor in Dalaran. Netori shudders when she thinks about it.
    Lamora on Friends and Allies
    Lamora is fairly tolerant of her allies, be they Forsaken, Tauren, Orc, or Blood Elf. She gets along very well with Trolls, but she spends so little time in Troll areas, it’s rare to see her conversing with another of her race. She has a couple of close friends, and everyone around her is always confused as to how a Troll Mage befriended a Blood Elf Death Knight and a Blood Elf Mage.
    It’s actually really funny. Lamora accidentally teleported to Silvermoon City, and then decided to see if she could get smashed on Elvish wine. It didn’t really work, so she set about wandering through Eversong Woods, blasting monsters on sight. And then she mistook Eldena for an exceptionally well-persevered scourge. Needless to say, after half of an hour, five mana potions, an exceptionally bad Frostweave bandage, and forty-seven mana strudels, Lamora and Eldena had settled their differences (mostly), and decided that it was time to go Murloc hunting for fun and profit (mostly just fun. And by “they decided”, Lamora told Eldena that it would be a very good stress reliever).
    As for Netori, Lamora feels that she is honor bound to instruct new Mages on the fine art of throwing fire at things and causing general mayhem. Netori has since dyed her hair a dark red to hide all the soot that seems to accumulate when Lamora is around. Eldena doesn’t think that Lamora should be teaching Netori anything at all. Netori is debating whether or not she is going to move to Orgrimmar to learn more about ‘setting shit on fire and then throwing it at passerby’, as Lamora puts it.
    Lamora on Professions
    Lamora originally tried Gemcrafting. Needless to say, after she nearly cut her fingers off (she only has six, dammit.), she switched over to Tailoring. No one is quite sure how she manages a needle with her fingers, but she is very talented. Lamora also likes digging around in the earth ‘looking for sparklies’, so she took up Mining as well.
    Lamora is also working on fishing, if only because there is a ton of new fish in Northrend that she still hasn’t tasted yet. She is also passable at making bandages and antidotes, and above all, she believes cooking is important. After all, if you just eat conjured food all day, the next thing you know, you’ll be eating Gnomes again and playing with Voodoo and being exterminated by a very pissed off Thrall.

  4. Will you be posting any?
    I plan to post RP profiles of my characters once the dance studio is out. XD Because I want to include their dances.

    I'll remember to reply to yours if you like -- I haven't started reading yet. :) Decided to read it all in one big swoop. But I'm sure it'll be great. ^-^

  5. Viktor, I loved in particular:
    "translation function"
    "they’re all Blood Elves though"

    Those made me chuckle. Also like the kittens and friends. She seems... madcap.

  6. *laughs*

    Yeah, I always figured that Trolls had to be some kind of crazy/awesome to get where they are now.

    ^_^ I hope there is stiff competition, otherwise I would feel bad.


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