Thursday, March 12, 2009

Druid Living, or "Kagrra's Take On Player Housing"

Although I blogged about it last year, The Druid Team's Kagrra went into detail with screenshots of what, where, when, and how Blizzard can integrate player housing. I found that post through WoW Insider because I've been reading them semi-regularly again.

I found his Utilities section very interesting, though he stuck to reusing items already in the game and didn't suggest anything "outside the box." Which is solid reporting in its own way -- it's practical and more likely to come true than random "You could do this or this or this and wouldn't this be cool?"

The only problem I have with his suggested setup is that other people can't see your house unless you invite them and I really wanted to live right by my sister-in-law and look through my window into hers -- and even put my pet in a window and my favorite mount stabled outside (I can't stop loving the idea of your pets/mounts sitting on display). So I think I might still prefer the of idea instanced towns instead of instanced individual houses. Or perhaps just being able to have a choice between the two.

I also disagree with not allowing NPC's -- he says it's too much like slavery, but there's always the option of servants. It's all about a proper Title Tag. (And Dusty LOVES having people to bully around.)


  1. Allow servants and every Gnome will be enslaved ;-)

    But I agree... who is going to feed the fish and dust the house while we are out saving the world?

  2. I miss having Clan Halls like in Lineage 2. It will be interesting to see how the housing works out with WoW. x)


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