Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Fishing Dailies, or "These Poles Are So RP!!!"

There are new fishing poles gonna be available from the new Northrend fishing dailies in 3.1 and they are SO Role-Playing awesome. El's Anglin' has all the news but I am particularly enamored of the shiny Jeweled pole -- or, should I say, Dusty is enamored of it. Big thanks to El for the photos, the rest of which you can see here. I think Birdfall would enjoy the "Twig" pole. (These are +30 like the Kalu'ak pole but don't let you breathe underwater.)

Now, this changes a few things in my plans to get the awesomest fishing equipment outside the weekly tournament -- if fishing dailies are like the cooking dailies, you can get all the little extras by doing the new ones --

-- except for the crockolisk pets. So I'll still be going back and doing that one, but there's no need to do the others once 3.1 comes out unless you just want to have an extra shot a day at something rare, like the hat.

While there are new fishing pets available (and apparantly the Argent Tournament gets you a child pet to bully around), we're going to skip right over those since there's something else awesome and RP about the fishing.

NEW BOBBERS. The bobber is NOT the thing you apply to your pole to increase your fishing skill -- that's a LURE. The bobber is the white cork with red and blue feathers that you click on when you catch a fish. You can presumably replace your cork bobber with one of the novelty ones in that link.

They are all incredibly adorable, and I don't know which one Dusty wants with her shiny jeweled pole (which she will farm and get). I'm thinking black kitty head for Dusty and murloc head for Birdfall.


  1. OMG Murloc bobber, or rubber ducky bobber!?!?!?!?

    What would I do without your blog!? I wouldn't have known about these things until they were upon me like a storm of pure awesome! Now I have time to plan!



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