Monday, March 23, 2009

World PVP, or "More Reasons It's Bad and Inconvenient"

So one of my guildmates starts asking for help in guild chat, saying these two druids won't let him quest and he can kill one but not both and he doesn't want to stealth (rogue) and find somewhere peaceful until they leave because he wants to get them back or something.

I'm busy opening up the Sons of Hodir chain, and my policy for world PVP is "If you can get away, do. If you can't, ask for help." I never help when someone just hankers to PVP, because that's a want and not a need and I know exactly what happens to shadow priests.

I like to pretend Zuluhed is a Normal server where PVP isn't possible and everyone leaves each other alone. To promote this sense of well-being, I keep my distance from Alliance, check their every turn, shuffle, and target for hostility, and run away like a little girl if I think they're going to mess with me.

Which brings me to the point of this post: Why am I here writing instead of in the game finishing that long, fun Hodir quest chain?

Well, imagine my surprise when I tumbled out of the tunnel into Brunnhildar and saw my rogue guildmate and my brother-in-law-in-law hovering in the air around a couple of Alliance.

Yes, my rogue guildmate decided to fight back in my quest hub. And like all good Zuluhed Alliance, they brought more and more friends until it was 7 vs 3 (apparently my BILIL could have taken any two of them, but not 7 at a time). I told them in guild chat, like a mother shaking her finger, "You ought to know by now: they're like murlocs, you can't pull just one," but they actually enjoy world PVP and didn't mind the odds. Psychos.

I told the guild while questing, since the first seven or so quests can be done outside the hub away from the battle, "I'm trying to pretend that I don't share a guild tag with the people they're fighting." My husband's best friend said "You need a 'I'm just an honorary guild member' emote." I said I needed a "Let's be friends!" emote.

But now I'm a little stuck and have to wait for the area to clear. This pretty much means tomorrow, since people do their dailies at night and the traffic will only get worse.

I guess it's a good development. My mouse wrist has been hurting because all of my hobbies are computer based and it could use a little recuperative time. And there's always dinner to take care of. Nom nom, food. *drool*


  1. Not all of us Zuluhed Alliance are gankers. I have a lvl 80 Resto druid on here. I most of the time just /wave /flirt and the horde leave me alone. But I guess that is what you have to deal with when you are on a pvp server lol.

  2. Which character? I'll try and let my guild know to leave you alone.

  3. 8D

    That needs to be a Demotivator Poster.

    "Murlocs: You can't just pull one"

  4. Druid? I see you on my priest while doing dailies a lot. x) Thanks for not killing me. <3

  5. And thanks for not killing me :D Most of the time I just want to get my dailies done I hate doing them. But I need to make money Im a girl who likes to shop :P

  6. Just checked out your Blog, BoaSM. I was curious about what a soccer mom who played WoW might say. It's great. Covers just about everything prospective parents need to know about as concisely as it could possibly be covered.

  7. oops that was my old one try this one. But I still dont update it like I should. ~flirt~


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