Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Noblegarden Changes, or "Goodies For 3.1"

I'm gearing up my fishing skill and city reps on Dusty and Birdfall to get ready for the Argent Tourney and the turtle mount. But we haven't really talked about the changes to Noblegarden except in passing, and we're now getting screenshots about all the new things from it.

And they all look awesome.

I've mentioned elsewhere that Noblegarden will be a week instead of a day. I also mentioned that it will be pushed back for 3.1 instead of being on Easter so that they can get the new version out this year. You may also know from my other post that it's being added to the Purple Proto Drake achievement.

Here's a few things I've seen about eggs for this year:
  • Eggs will be around the level 5 towns only. (blue)
  • Eggs will always be up, "even if many people are farming them. If you haven't found them, it isn't a matter of spawning... it's a matter of you not finding them." (blue)
  • Eggs will not be in the same places they used to be, so old maps are useless.
But forget all that boring detail junk and let's get to what we really care about -- the cute stuff!

You buy items with chocolates, which come from eggs.

You can get the pet (Spring Rabbit's Foot) from either the vendor or a drop from the eggs (currently skinned like the old Snowshoe Rabbit, falls in love with other Spring Rabbits and spawns babies, according to Warcraftpets).

I'm presuming the dress and tux will drop from eggs also, since there's an achievement to get a dress from an egg (not required to complete holiday meta), but you can still buy them from the vendor if you're not psychotic and insist on egging it up like me.

What I'm excited about more than anything is the Spring Circlet -- it's BUNNY EARS!!! They look straight/symmetrical for men and one is slightly flopped for women. Squee!

Spring Flowers look straightforward -- just a holdable bouquet that puts rabbit ears on people On Use.

Spring Robes are a pleasant pale set of robes that plant a flower On Use.

Noblegarden Egg lets you place a single Brightly Colored Egg (1 hour cooldown). 3 day duration.

Blossoming Branch puts a rabbit costume on a targeted party member.

Spring Robes, Spring Circlet, Spring Flowers

Last but not least, the available title? The Noble.


  1. Awesome. What is the title going to be for completing the holliday achievments. I think my fiance and I will do this one for sure.

  2. I hadn't thought to look. Editing it in, but it's spiffy.

  3. Oh the ears are more then awesome, i want em, i want em (and the pet, of course ;-)) sounds like they did wonderful changes to the event, yay :-D

  4. 8D

    Oh hai thar new Holiday awesome! Would you like to come home with me?

  5. So...how many chocolates do we need to get the title? About 300?

  6. I am totally going for the ears! awesome post lol

  7. I've run around trying this out on the PTR, and I've gotten 2 bouquets of spring flowers and 2 blossoming branches (1 from an intro quest). I've also gotten about... 30 chocolates. Anyway, my point is that I think you would want to collect as many eggs as you possibly can before spending the chocolates to buy stuff. The spring dress, the tux ans shirt, the minipet, and apparently also most of the other things you need for the meta are egg drops...

  8. Update: In 78 chocolates, I've received 2 spring rabbits, 1 spring robes, 2 spring circlets, 2 spring flowers, 1 blossoming branch (plus 2 from the daily), and the 73 chocolates that'll be going towards the chocoholic achievement instead of the minipet ;o)

  9. That's awesome news, Sarayana. :D


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