Monday, March 23, 2009

Sea Turtle, or "PHOTOS IN!! SO CUTE!!"

I'm sooo excited! I thought they'd make it a silly red color ("coral" the color is pinkish-orange), but it's just like the TCG turtle. :D Which I LOVE! This makes up for Blizzard not giving me a sleepy panda pet.

I maaay have screeched in husband's ear when I saw it, something he's not particularly fond of. >_> Sorry husband!

MMO-Champion says:
Turtles All the Way Down - Fish up a Sea Turtle mount from any fishing pool in Northrend. (Video, this is recorded in WALKING speed, the running speed is 60% just like any lvl 40 mount, swimming speed is 133%)
All the comments on the video say "Why aren't you showing it swimming?" I want to shake them. Who CARES about swimming?! It's CUTE!

^ Only thing that matters.

[edit] Husband thinks I shouldn't get too attached to this skin just in case, since it is the PTR.
I agree and will try not to be too disappointed if they change it to something not-as-cute. In the meantime, enjoy more turtle fun.



  2. O hai thar Turtle!

    Ain't you an adorable litt'l thing?

  3. Oh!


    SO pretty and cute, aw!

  4. ZOMG! Time to prepare the dusty Master Craft Fishing Pole again!

    Charging the walls of Wintergrasp.

    On a cute turtle.

    The Alliance will surely fall at my feet.

  5. What is the drop rate going to be for this turtle?

  6. Remember that the run speed is that of a Normal mount on land. :)

    Drop rate will be VERY low. Won't know numbers until it goes live and people start fishing it up -- husband says it'll be too low for people on the PTR to get it before it goes live. I think that even if 2 or 3 people get it on PTR, the numbers won't be accurate until 10-20 have fished it up on live servers. Then we'll have a good idea.

    One good thing about this -- guilds will get a LOT of buff fish. I need to talk to my superior officer fishermen and coordinate which pools of fish we want to focus on, so we can have a nice mix of buffs.

  7. Noes! *re-reads article* Only 60% speed?

    Ah well, I guess 60% normal land mount speed is technically charging for this little fellow. Wouldn't want to exert him going at 100% anyway :D He can save his energy for when we get into the big wide ocean! (133% speed)

  8. I really hope it will be low like hell. I'll fish for it and i hope not every 'I fish a hour and have it'-guy will get it ;-D


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