Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Contest Soon, or "Cute Loot 4 U"

This is just an announcement that I'll be having a contest with a (minor) TCG loot card within the next week or two. I've already bought the card, you don't get to know what it is yet, but you will when the contest post comes out. :)

Haven't decided on how you can enter, which is the first delay, and haven't received the loot card in the mail yet, which is the second.

I do have a few preliminary details worked out:

1) The winner will be drawn from a hat if they meet the to-be-decided entry criteria -- I won't choose based on quality of entries, just on whether my criteria is met. Otherwise, it'll be completely random.

2) My family and guild are not allowed to enter. Like family members in the McDonald's monopoly game, they can't join the fun because I don't want to even seem like I rigged the contest if one of them won. Also, if I wanted this raffle to go to my guild, I would have done it there and not here on my blog. So, sorry my snuggly ones, but I know you understand. <3


  1. Oho?

    Loot Card?

    You have my Full Attention now.

  2. The loot is cute.

    This much we know.

  3. Update 3.24.09: The card got shipped about a week late, so that pushes the contest back a little. I'll post the contest as soon as the card gets here.


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