Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WoW Tattoos, or "What Would You Do?"

I found a WoW Tattoos blog called Warcraft-Ink. Hasn't been updated in a year, but it got me thinking.

A tattoo is a big commitment. If you were forced to get a Warcraft tattoo, and you could choose among any art (or request your own), what would you get and where would you put it?

I'd probably do something with Dustfire and the phoenix mount, or with Dustfire and Birdfall fighting. Maybe both. It would be nice to incorporate the characters and their mounts, but that might be too busy. I'm a big fan of clean lines and simplicity.

Aesthetically speaking, I've always liked tattoos that cover a large surface area, like a wall mural. The kind that fill most of your back and curve around your shoulder or down around your hip (I'd go hipwards, just because nobody would really see it there, and some people do discriminate against body art, and some of those people would probably go to church with me at one point or another). I don't like things that just seem slapped on -- I'm more of a big picture girl -- but I also don't like total coverage.

I guess, in the end, I would want a tattoo as a piece of art, not as a statement. If I put on a bikini (not that I'd ever have the courage), I'd want people to gasp and go "That is SO pretty!"

I found a woman through a "Warcraft tattoo" Google search who got an Ashes of Al'ar on her back. I don't know who she is or her character name, but I give her major props for taste.

I think a really great tattoo would be an Ashes of Al'ar that sweeps from left shoulder to right hip in a grand elegant portrait. That would be worth daring a bikini. :)


  1. As old as it is, as simple as it is, I still think this:


    is one of the coolest WoW pictures I've seen. If I had to get a tatoo, I could put that on my shoulder.

    Or maybe just some variation of the Night Elf crest


    I'd definitely put it on my shoulder, though. Where it would be inconspicuous, coverable, yet big enough that it could include a little more detail. Not that my shoulder is all that bit . . . just, you know, bigger than my wrist.

    And definitely something Night Elf related.

  2. That first one is teh awesome. I remember seeing it somewhere. It has really rich color and detail. :) And, of course, a pretty elf. It's all about the pretty.

  3. I edited a picture of myself to give me the Horde emblem on the side of my neck. It looked cool but for any tattoo on a game that is constantly changing it would really be hard to commit. Something like the phoenix or lore would be a good enough idea though. x)

  4. Barring my desire for a Tralfamadorian tattoo, my traditional desire is for compact and even designs. This leaves me mostly only with a desire for a crest of some sort, and as I'm rather attached to my Draenei, he would probably get first dibs on the crest. Aside from that, maybe a shaman symbol. Blizzard have been nice enough to give all the classes and races lovely markers, so I'd probably go with those.


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