Friday, October 3, 2008

Dress Me Up, or "Yes, I Spent Years on This"

This one's for Escada.

My current collection is by no means complete. One of my greatest joys is collecting the pretty dresses, pets, and mounts that Warcraft has to offer, but I'm limited by the time the events run.

Collections. Dustfire's was made over the course of 2 years. Birdfall's has only had a chance to grow for half a year, since I remade her so recently. Please note that I don't include some very nice tailoring items due to their unlimited availability and bag space being at a premium.

There is one dress in the game that is (debatably) more rare than the Easter dress. This is the Formal Dangui which shows up on a vendor in Moonglade for 50g once every 2 months or so. I haven't been farming this dress, but my friend has because it can accept item level 60 enchants and has no level requirement to wear (thus, a fantastic twink item when Northrend enchants come out).


  1. Aww thanks so much for posting this :) You are so lucky to have those Easter Dresses! And that is the first time I have ever heard of the Formal Dangui. I think I will have to check that out. That vendor in Moonglade also sells the same dress I bought from a vendor in Undercity (Dark Green Wedding Hanbok) you don't see many of those around either, my friend and I bought them and took screenshots together. I was just telling my guildies that I wanted to go out to Moonglade and take some screenshots in the tranquil land, and now I have even more reason. Thanks again. ^__^

  2. Those two dresses took aaaaall of last Easter. But they had a pretty steady drop rate of 1 in 80 eggs, give or take 10.

    Do tell me if you get the Formal Dangui, and post a picture. :)

  3. Tried forever to get that Easter dress. sigh. Maybe next year. Also had not heard of the formal dangui dress. Thanks!


  4. I found the formal dangui last night (12/4/2008) on Dentarg with Pssladybug. Just finished running through Maraudon with my local buddies and stopped in to the dressmaker when I went to turn in The Seed of Life quest. I always do stop by, just in case, when I pass through Moonglade (which, being a Druid . . . you know). This time, there it was. Even though I always stop by specifically to check if the formal dangui is there, it was still kind of an "I can't believe I found it" shock.

    Still haven't decided if I'm going to sell it or keep it. When I first started checking, the intent was totally to get lucky and cash in. But now that I have it . . . well I've got it, man. It's kind of like its own little achievement and reward all in one.

    And Ladybug looks good in it. Real good.

  5. Nice one, Jack! Keeping or selling is totally up to you -- I'm not entirely sure what I'd do with one, either. Both are so tempting.


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