Thursday, March 1, 2007

Official Forums, or "Run Far, Far Away"

I had a bad experience on the Warcraft official forums recently. I wrote a post here about it, but I deleted it because if I dwell I'll just keep crying. In the end, it was a guy making a joke that I called him on, and people got mad at me.

The moral of the story is, if you need something, don't go to the forums. Just ask me for help, or a friend. I'll do my best if it's in my power -- I really will. But nobody needs to go through the kind of trash that I did today.

My husband made me promise I'd never go back to that forum, ever. I agreed, but went on while he watched to delete all of my posts and links to this blog. I didn't read any of the new posts or any of the old. Part of getting past something is learning to let it go.

As a happy ending, my friends are going to rally forces to help me with what I wanted: getting a Bombay cat. So I never have to ask strangers for help again.


Edit: Happy joyful news! The fellow that made the joke talked to me (during a battle ground, but we were losing, so it didn't matter) and we both apologized for the misunderstanding, and we're cool. He also went out of his way to send me -- you guessed it -- a Bombay that a friend had given him a while back. I told him he didn't need to, but he insisted. Wasn't it sweet of him? I felt so much better about the whole thing after we talked that I smiled the rest of the night.

If only I were level 70 and could do something nice back.


  1. Well, I'm glad it worked out. I stumbled on this blog from that forum post (I didn't follow the post though) and spent most of yesterday reading your archives. Glad it worked out and I really enjoy this blog.

    -a noob

  2. It wouldn't have gotten so bad if a) other folks didn't exacerbate it, and b) I didn't respond to them.

    I should have just ignored everyone but guy. I was pretty sure at first that he was joking, then I changed my mind. And it would have worked out pretty much the same way even if it hadn't gotten worse. Except, this way, more people got annoyed rather than fewer.

    What a mess.

  3. *sends hugs to Birdfall* I'm glad it worked out and you got your Bombay. They're pricey to get even when they are on the Booty Bay AH. ^_^*

  4. I also am glad it worked out. Though you owe me like 5g because I'm stuck with a stupid Bombat cat now after you went and outbid me on it!

    <_< I need to eat more fiber.


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