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Profiles, or "What is Your Character Doing While You're Out?"

Birdfall (Night Elf Rogue)

Birdfall is a no-nonsense kind of girl who goes by her family name rather than her embarrassing first name, a name she would kill me for telling you. She's tough, quiet, and doesn't let her guard down with anyone but her close friends. Brought up just outside of Darnassus by her wise, moon-loving grandmother, she would rather spend an evening sharpening her knives in a shady corner than dancing on tabletops in the local inn.

She has no current romantic interests and mixed feelings about children. As a rogue, she would not be a good role model for her children, and her own life would be constantly in the balance. But as a woman, she would like to have a family some day with a sensible, responsible man.

Dustfire (Blood Elf Shadow Priest)
Dustfire follows whom she needs. Currently, she's dating a wise, gentle tauren man, whom she cares for but who, she knows, will break his heart over her. Dustfire has long pined after Champion Vranesh, who habitually haunts Silvermoon City's streets. But she knows that he is no more capable of loving her than she is capable of being faithful to one man. She is a shrewd manipulator, and betrayal trails after her like perfume. She feels guilt when she betrays people who don't deserve it, but that is not enough to make her change.

Windwhistler (Draenei Warrior)
After years of extensive warrior training by her level 60 (elite) father, Windwhistler goes to the forests of Azuremyst Isle to train jewelcrafting with Silverhoof, who got his name from a smelting accident when he was an apprentice in the Exodar.

Windwhistler lives with Silverhoof in his cottage while she trains, and she tends to the mundane details of cooking and fetching firewood. Silverhoof is significantly older than her, and gruff, but she secretly falls in love with him. But, lo, the Venture Company is trying to drive him out of the area, and has been for some time, so that they can take all of the good mining.

One day when Silverhoof comes home wounded, and Windwhistler takes him to the priest in the nearby village, she straps on her mail and lifts her sword and shield. Heeding no one, she sets out and methodically kicks the butt of every last Venture Company worker and supervisor.

Though Windwhistler wins Silverhoof back his home and learns that she even has his (gruff and unsentimental) love, they both know that the leaders of the Venture Company will cherish a grudge against them for a very long time. These days, they're planning the wedding and watching their backs.

B______ (Human Holy Priest)
The sweet, daydreamy B______ is on her second marriage. Her first husband, a warrior, died in a horrible deleting tragedy. And though she still holds a special love for her first husband, she remarried a handsome warlock who charmed her with his kindness and leadership, and who helped her through the pain of her first husband's death. She currently travels with her second husband, bringing hope to the helpless and healing the injured.

Kriemhilde (Draenei Fire Mage)
Pale and lovely, Kriemhilde denounced her people after two corrupted Draenei men attacked and ravaged her. Injured and untrusting, she fled to Teldrassil for the healing power of the night elves' connection with nature. She gave her powerful services to the holy priests in Darnassus and served them for two years, until her mentoring priestess gave her a gentle shove into the real world, telling her that it was time to try living again.

Her fierce power reflects an explosive inner turmoil that she locks away behind a cool, elegant mask.


What does your character do while you're gone? Dance in bear form, maybe?

(Yes, I just wanted an excuse to post the dancing bear.)

But seriously, describe your character(s) to me.


  1. Manasseh
    Twisted in mind and body, the undead warlock has lived heretofore without any true purpose or direction in his (after)life. The plight of his people and the emotional scars that still remain from his bondage to the Lich King have left him with a morbid sense of humor and a disregard for life in general.

    Longing for the release that death brings, he has sought comfort in the underworld, the true realm of the dead. The power he is learning to wield has only further corrupted him and led him to the very edge of madness.

    He despises himself for what he has done and others for how they regard him. He regards humans as fools, dwarves as drunken idiots and night elves as misguided. His antipathy toward gnomes knows no bounds (short people got no reason to live).

    He is enthralled with the beautiful Blood Elf mage, N____, but tends to act irrationally and even violently around her. He sees reflected in her eyes everything that he despises about himself and though he may love her in a very real sense of the word, he could never accept the idea of her being with him.

    He is driven by two things: his unceasing quest to find relief from the living nightmare that is his life and his ever-growing insanity.

  2. Latoria - Night Elf Rogue
    Latoria used to hang with B_________, her first husband and their crew. She met a handsome, bald healer and decided to run off with him to pursue a new romantic adventure. :) She's tried to tame her bad-girl ways of black leather and red masks for her sweet new man, but old habits are hard to break and she's frequently found dancing on tables and picking fights outside the Inn.
    W_______ - Human Warrior
    W________ is that unexpected knight in shining armor. She looks lethal with her jet black hair, multiple piercings and fancy mail gear, but deep inside it's clear she's got a hero's heart. Her spare time is spent working on her skills in blacksmithing and mining, trying to raise funds and create new weapons for her crew. She was recruited to B________'s group by her second husband who realized their need for a "tank" to take damage. Regarding romantic interest, W_________ has a secret crush on the mage in their group, but she'd never admit it-- he's a little too bad-boy for her parents to accept. ^_^*
    Nevari - Blood Elf Mage
    Moody and unpredictable, Nevari is often found laughing and dancing in random places or throwing fits of rage and kicking baddy butt. She really hungers to become more powerful and will squash anyone who gets in her way if she can. She'll also cling to anyone who can assist her in getting what she wants. In battle, she usually sticks close to a well armored Tauren gent who takes the hits while she freezes or burns whatever his foe may be. She publically rejects the idea of romance and can be cruelly flirtatious toward any interested party. Difficulty comes when she begins to truly care for someone-- that individual often becomes the target of her cruelty in her efforts to hide her true feelings.
    Düstfiré - Blood Elf Priest
    A clone created as a joke on a friend by Dustfire's mage friend, Nevari. Düstfiré wanders the roads of Ogrimmar and dances with anyone who stops to watch she and the clones around her. She giggles and picks her nose and really doesn't know any better.

  3. Thesden
    Seduced by the seemingly unlimited powers of the magical beyond, Thesden Jerris began his training young. At age 12 he became an assistant at the Tower of Azora and at age 22 he returned to Northshire Abbey to begin his service in the Alliance's grand military.

    Climbing the ranks quickly, Thesden soon became sidetracked from his original dream of leading Stormwind's armies into battle. He travels now with an eclectic group of fortune hunters, delving into the darkest, most dangerous places in Azeroth.

    He is level-headed and cold-blooded and will do whatever is necessary to finish the job. His spells are as cold as his heart and as sharp as his mind.

    Only one woman has ever broken through his icy exterior and her desertion has left him more stone-hearted than ever. In spite of this, he has lately begun warming up to the brave warrioress W________.

    He has conceded direction of his small group of opportunists to V_____, the brilliant but eclectic warlock. A masterful manipulator, he maintains a sharp, watchful eye over all in the group and has secretly been guiding them in fulfilling his personal desires.

  4. Broker
    A golden-eyed, silver-grubbing trader, seller and moneylender in the bustling metropolis of Stormwind, this innocent looking little female gnome will buy the shirt off your back for a silver and resell it to your brother for a gold.

    Raised among the gnomish refugees in the dark, hot Alliance capitol of Ironforge, she learned to run her business while catering to the stingy, selfish, tight-wad dwarves and calculating, number-conscious gnomes. She recently moved to more temperate climates and has found a buzzing business among the extravagant, none-too-bright humans and naive Night Elves.

  5. Fabulous!

    Very detailed, Thes. I like the horrible problems Manasseh and Nevari have. They make for good drama.

    I love Latoria's bio. She and Birdfall would make quite a pair -- Latoria dancing and Birdfall sighing in irritation. Latoria starting a fight, and Birdfall hopping into the fray if it turns bad, beating people with chairs and junk. ^_^ They'd be an awesome team!

    ". . . buy the shirt off your back for a silver and resell it to your brother for a gold" made me laugh out loud. ^_^

  6. Equilibrio aka That annoying bear with the running enchant that enjoys tormenting people in the battlegrounds:

    A Tauren druid who can accurately be described in only four words:

    "Roar, I'm a bear."

    Although, recently, he's been seen wandering around in the form of a cat, a very cuddly cat that enjoys being pet and long naps in the hot, dry air of the Barrens, that is.

    He's also very full of himself, believing that he's a better tank than warriors, a far superior rogue in cat form, and the equal to any caster in regular form, oh yeah, and he heals, too.

  7. I think Latoria and Birdfall should be sisters. Both rogues, exact same coloring, opposite personalities.

    little is known about this fearsome killer. primarily because when he meets you, he eats your brains after unsheathing his mighty swords that are often seen crossed on his back just before they lop off the head of any unsuspecting passerby ready to be munched upon.


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