Thursday, March 15, 2007

Montage at 19, or "Do I Like Screenshots Too Much?"

These are pictures taken from an email thread with my favorite people ever. So I have a collection to choose from, and you get the best of the best.

Have fun!

(Tip: Click on any of the images to see the full version.)



Birdfall against starry sky and well-lit boat. I was going for a mood with the lighting -- I've always liked the feel of standing out under lamps with a warm, safe haven at your back and a brilliant sky above.

Birdfall against moon, stars, and Night Elf statue in front of Stormwind. Very dark -- viewing full size is recommended.

Birdfall with her new lvl 20 chestpiece. She's happy because she doesn't look like a hooker anymore.

Dustfire against sunset skyline.

Latoria on Boat. A very nice mood.

Later, when she added a rose, my husband had to try and ruin it: "Latoria certainly does look different without a blade in each hand. Maybe if you could get her with a rose in one hand and, like, a severed Orc head in the other. Wouldn't that be pretty?"

Latoria: "LOL -- leave it to a guy to try and make this a manly conversation!!"

My Husband: "We were discussing pant suits, for crying out loud. I had to do something!"

Manasseh calling things forth. Very nice pose and lighting. You go, Man!


Thesden. He was actually calling for my priest, but I edited out the name. See his cute white kitten?

Thesden's fault. Title of picture: "Thing I Aggroed." Poor Vellius.

In Blackfathom Deeps, at the end, lighting all of the braziers is officially deemed "suicide." Each one calls a formidable group of monsters. This image is of Thesden after some of the monsters mauled him to death. The rest were hovering over our party's corpses. (That's me, the priest, saying I have a soulstone but can't use it because of all the baddies.)

Triumphant Heroes

Where we stand over big monsters.

Manasseh has a love-hate affair with murlocs, so he got a shot here after we killed this thing in Wailing Caverns.

I was leveling Dustfire in the Ghostlands and had crossed a bridge to kill some wraiths and ghosts. Then something hit me twice from behind, and I was dead. That thing was Luzran -- at least 10 levels higher than me at the time. Happily, my team ran across him (10 levels later) on a quest, and we kicked his butt. Trophy photo!

Humor in General

I was trying to get a shot with Dustfire and Nevari standing together, but managed to get our resident druid pooping a star. (Low-brow humor, but I just couldn't help myself.)

Some perfect hunter/pet names. I take my hat off to Refund.

During Lunar Festival, I sent out shots of Birdfall's snazzy new dress to our group, saying "This is to make Latoria INCREDIBLY jealous." Seglda replied with this photo and the line, "This is to make Birdfall jealous."

This guy does look ga--I mean, girly.

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  1. I still get a chuckle out of the star-poop and the Seggy-dress pics. And I still cringe when I see the Blackfathom Deeps pic. <_< I made it the farthest of anyone, though. Yay for Blink... boo for not knowing which way is out.


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