Thursday, March 22, 2007

Robes of Insight, or "Good for Priests, Better for Hookers"

Why does clothing look a little different on women than on men? I can't quite put my finger on it, but it sometimes seems a smidgen unbalanced. What do you think?

(Level 47 robes, said to be good for priests. Check out stats at Thottbot.)

Thanks to Tenshi from WomenGamers.Com for mentioning them.


  1. I don't think I'll ever understand why certain games do that. -_-;

  2. I think they're kind of pretty, but I also know that it's an insane difference that just subjugates women to the status of sex symbol. (And men would look dorky in the female version.)

    Anyway, yay for shirts and tabards, and I'd probably be too embarrassed to wear this if I got it. I'm a very modest girl irl, you know.

    Does anyone else hate how the tabard looks over robes? How it seems to be tucked in?

  3. I recently found out (per my wife) that a certain caster's set (the Black Mageweave set) for levels 34+ looks utterly creepy on a female. I tried them on my female bank character. She was right. The vest looks fine, but the leggings are like a swimsuit bottom. Good thing I'm a guy. *heh*

  4. Well... how many girls tell you "I want to design computer games when I grow up!" when you ask them? Very few... When you ask guys... yep... there's my point. I don't mind the sexy apparel so long as it's not creepy (like the mageweave leggings-- seriously, it looks like she FORGOT her pants). I also dislike how the tabard tucks into the belt... it looks okay when my robes are coordinated with it, but when they're not... it's just plain... weird looking. Hum...


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