Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PVP Ganking, or "Breaking News"

(The above is entirely fictional.)

I expect higher level folks to kill lower level folks on a pvp server. It's just done, you know? That said, my group tries not to gank people who are lower level because my husband doesn't think it's very fair. Even though we're all 28-ish, we don't even attack lvl 32s because there are five of us and one of him, and it would be a massacre.

Which makes me wonder why, when we were questing last night, a level 32 hunter decided he could take all five of us on. We weren't going to attack him. We were going to pass right on by. But he attacked us, and we had to defend ourselves.

Then, when he died, he asked a higher level warlock to come kill us for him.

Whine, whine, whine. Such a baby. (If you attack people who can kill you, don't complain about dying. It's your fault.)

This phenomenon, which I shall dub "being really stupid," happened to Thesden once by accident. He was on a normal realm and people were fighting this level 60 horde guy, and Thes had him selected in order to watch the fight, right? Well, when the 60 got close to him, Thes watched in horror as his character reached out and swiffed at the 60 with his staff. And everyone else paused, obviously thinking, "Did that level 10 just attack the level 60?"

Thes mulled over the lesson he'd learned while he ran back to his body: Left click, not right click.

Anyway, sometimes pvp people can be really cool. For example, our resident druid likes to shift into bear form and dance with alliance folk. (He tried to dance with one guy who was higher level than him, and the guy ran like a little girl. Weird.) Anyway, he did manage to dance with Bettaelin, a level ?? paladin who came around Tarren Mill and let, like, 10 of us attack him. He didn't attack us at all, just dragged us along the countryside and healed when we got him down to half health.

We never managed to kill him, and he never attacked us, though he did draw us into an area that tried to maul us. (One alliance guard killed three of our people. I had to res folk twice. ^_^) Anyway, it was really fun. And he even danced with our druid. So a big hi there for Bettaelin, who was very cool. You're on our list of awesome Alliance members.

Edit: Okay, so he did kill Manasseh for managing to fear him a few times. Factual error. =^_^=

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  1. You reporters!

    Always with the wrong facts. It wasn't Thesden, it was my priest who was level 18 at the time and I DIDN'T watch... I was in the bathroom. <_<' I came back to find myself dead.

    ALSO... the paladin? Yeah... he DID kill some of us. Er... at least, he killed me 3 times and the guard killed me 4. He didn't like to be feared or Mana Drained. <_< Paladins with no mana = dead. But I persisted as always. :) The guard got on me because of my dumb imp who doesn't know not to attack a whole town on its own.

    In other news... while I was running Latoria's mage around yesterday I got ganked 4 times in a row by what must have been a level 65-70 rogue (one critical was 2157 damage from a single weapon). I just kept running back to my body, rezzing and began casting frostbolt at another bear. I finally either bored him or outdistanced him. Then I got ganked by a 35 hunter on my way back to town. Five deaths in 15 minutes. But, hey, it wasn't my character! :D


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