Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Duel, or "If You Ask Me One More Time, I'm Putting You On IGNORE"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

Ignore is a command in your social panel. You can add someone as a friend in this panel, which means you're notified when they log on and off, or you can ignore a person who is harassing you or just being annoying.

A duel is when one person on the same side (Alliance or Horde) asks another person on the same side to fight. Neither character dies, but the characters fight until one is down to no health. Then the duel is over and the players go their separate ways.

When someone is invited to duel, the invitee has the option of accepting or declining. Sometimes a player will ask the same person to duel over and over again, hoping to annoy them into an "accept duel."


So a couple of days ago I was in one of those inexplicable girl moods -- my hormones were out of whack and even though I'd had a productive day working on my novel, I was still sort of depressed and wanted to curl up with a book after leveling with friends on Warcraft.

So we ran into town, winding down for the night, and I decided to sell a few things and check my mail. I was especially anxious to get off because of my dorky mood, but this random guy decided to ask everyone in my party to duel. This was after some random guys asked all of us (one at a time) to instance with them.

So the THIRD time this goober asked me to duel, I whispered, "I'm PMS-ing. Please leave me alone?"

He did. Thank God.

Likewise, yesterday I was asked three times in the first ten minutes to instance with random people just because I was playing my priest. Ugh. I was trying to level so I could instance with my friends later this week and attempt my new role as damage-dealer instead of healer -- not so I could spend all my mana watching doofuses get themselves killed and then yell at me for it.

I'm afraid my rejections have been getting more and more brief due to this excess of bugging. It used to be "I'm sorry, I'm doing ______ instead. I just can't." Then it was "No thank you." Now it's just "No." If you know me at all, forcing me to be as brief as "no" actually means "No, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD leave me alone."

Lucky for people like me, there's an addon called AutoDecline.
"if you want to put people who send random duel invites on ignore, simply add /ignore $player to the list of duel actions and it is done for you"
I think Thesden has it set to ignore people when they ask to duel him a third time in a row. Bliss. Just bliss.


  1. I don't use it anymore. My add-ons were causing my game to crash (too many). But I DO have a story to contribute. You'll appreciate this.

    I was running around the Ghostlands with my twink-in-the-making. I wanted to finish one quest. ONE. My paladin-only quest to get a resurrection spell. Fun times. Some priest with the name "Iamhollywood"... a guy with a +5 damage enchant on a LEVEL 6 WHITE staff!!! XD puts me on follow. So I'm running around, smacking stuff to pieces... and this random priest is following me EVERYWHERE. He follows me to my paladin quest. I start fighting the boss and in the middle of the fight, he comes back from AFK and invites me to a group. I decline. He invites again. I decline. He says (not a direct quote, but close): "Joinn teh groop". I finish my fight. I accept. I can always spare a minute to help someone, right? He says "hat qests?" He was big on leaving out letters. I answer with the quest we're right by. I run out of the cave, him still on follow, and attack a nearby monster. I kill it, loot it, kill the next one. He doesn't loot anything. He is on follow. We are hunting quest items. I kill 20 things. I have 3. He's looted 0. He's done 0 damage. He's healed for 0. He goes AFK again. I disband the group... he says "y u leve gruop?" I hearth. THE END.

  2. PS - I looked up Iamhollywood on the WoW stalkers site (The Armory). Apparently he leveled AND got a new mace instead of his +5 weapond damage staff. I'm disappointed, cause I wanted you to see that... it was ridiculous. A 15 gold enchant on a 6 silver weapon. <_< I only investigated him because his staff glowed and I thought it must be pretty good to be worth a glowy enchant like that.

    You can still look him up if you like, though... at least then you know I wasn't lying about the name.

  3. Who was getting on to ME for being a sucker a couple of posts back?!

    That's just . . . funny, actually. ^_^ Hee hee. Poor thing.

    Oh, and we just stalked him. The really sad thing isn't all his enchants -- it's that there are 16 poor, fetid souls named Iamhollywood.

    Really, who raises these people?

  4. Thesden, your story was funny until I realized what was actually happening. You just helped someone in China powerlevel a character, a very slight little bit.

    Evidence 1) +5 damage enchant on a level 6 white staff. A staff is the highest DPS weapon you can get at that level, and adding the enchant would make grinding go very quickly.

    Evidence 2) Group + AFK = free exp while he works on another character (most likely on another computer or virtual desktop).

    Evidence 3) Really broken english.

    Evidence 4) Trying to guilt you after having kicked him. This is typical behavior -- at least, the only time I ran across a Chinese power-leveler/gold-farmer, I received the exact same type of guilt trip in almost the exact same broken English. You didn't hurt his feelings, just his EXP/hour.

    It's really pathetic when a person pays real money to someone else to play a game for them. We live in a crazy world.

  5. I think he's legit. For one, he's a measley level 15. Not a good sign of a power-leveler. And he doesn't have any gathering professions, which makes him an unlikely farmer. I think he's just an idiot.


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