Monday, March 19, 2007

Terminology, or "If You Don't Know This, You Shouldn't Be Here"

At least, that's what the guy in my Arathi Basin group said when I didn't know what he meant by "Spirit Run." Our graveyard was being camped by 5 horde, and I said so on battleground chat (/bg), and he said to spirit run. Apparently, you can resurrect at any graveyard your side owns, and not just the one you pop up at. (That may seem obvious, but, if you haven't played Arathi Basin before, it's really not.) So you can run in spirit form to the next one if yours is being camped.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Our graveyard is being camped.
Guy: Spirit run.
Me: (In real life: "Honey, what is 'spirit run'?" Husband: "Spirit run? Does he mean sprint? He must be talking to rogues." Me: "Oh.") I'm a priest. I don't have sprint.
Guy: SPIRIT run.
Me: I don't know what that is?
Guy: omg, you noob, then you shouldn't be here.
Me: (Think really sarcastic Valley Girl tone when you read this one.) Omg, I'm new so I should die, right?
Guy: %@#$ing noob.
Me: (While my husband kneels by me and helps me figure out what the heck "spirit run" means.) Mature.
Guy: I'll say it again: $@%#ING NOOB. (Then something I tuned out about pwn-ing me, which is a term we'll discuss in another post. I'm looking forward to that one.)
Me: I'm glad we're on different realms.
Guy: (More trash talk about being able to beat me up. Well DUH. I'm a girl and a priest. I mean, I'm a decent player, but I don't have the deep-seated angsty need to thrash other people to prove my manliness that this guy obviously does, because I'm not a man, so I'd probably lose out of apathy. Beating or being beaten in a physical competition, to most girls, means absolutely squat. It's juvenile to us. But, hey, at least he'll never get a girlfriend.)
Me: (After resurrecting and while, yes thank you, doing stuff that got me TOP of the board for healing.) While you didn't help, my husband came over and told me what to do. Thanks.

Then five of my teammates defended me, and even though I think they just did it because they found out I was a girl there at the end, it was still very satisfying. Anyway, I stopped talking because I didn't want to egg him on. Guys like that wet themselves when there's a chance to put someone else down, and I just didn't feel like making his day. Because I just don't care about him. And I think that that's the best defense against these guys -- ignore them whenever possible and just don't care. About what they say, about them, about anything they do. Because they want you to care, to get under your skin. It makes them happy.

Oh, and note that if he'd just said "Run to the next graveyard," we wouldn't have had this argument in the first place. Of course, if his mother had just slapped his mouth a little more often when he was a child, we wouldn't have had this problem, either.

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