Friday, March 2, 2007

Addons, or "I Know I Left That Mining Node Around Here Somewhere"

Addons are programs that help with Warcraft, such as a program that keeps track of the things you and your guild have gathered (mining, herbs), or another program that keeps track of auction prices.

General Addons

Feel free to suggest something you've used or heard about.
  • Gatherer: (wiki) Permanently marks herb, mining, and treasure nodes on your map.
  • Auctioneer: (wiki) Remembers what has been sold at the AH and for how much.
  • Titan: (wiki) Panel that gives you the correct time, your location on the map, bag space, etc.
  • Decursive: A cleaning mod to help a debuff class remove status ailments, etc with ease.
  • Party Quest: Keeps track of all party member's quests.
  • MonkeyQuest: (wiki) Keeps better track of quests.
  • Flight Timer: Keeps track of flight times.
  • Easy Casting Bar: Nicer taskbar.
  • Social Mods: Allows player notes. (requires Sea)
Class-Related Addons
Addon Sites


  1. MonkeyQuest keeps better track of your quests.

    Flight Timer keeps track of just how long you have to use the potty.. (how long flights are on gryphons)

    DruidBar's great for druids.

    EasyCastingBar is nice because it makes your bars nicer looking and also gives you times on them.

    Can't think of anytihng else off hand.

  2. I've found TotemTimers to be invaluable for playing a Shaman. Also, since you didn't link to it, the best site for finding Addons that I've found is


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