Sunday, March 18, 2007

Playing Late, or "I Don't HAVE a Bedtime"

I love not being in school anymore. By the time midnight rolls around on a weeknight, I know most of the teenagers are crawling into bed, muttering about how early school is.

I got to sleep at 7a.m. and just got up. I might say it was because I was partying all night, but I wasn't, though there were some minor shindigs -- I went to a church teen awards ceremony that was fun, but it ended by 10, and I did stay up until 1a.m. watching a movie with my husband and his friends, but they went home right after, and then I caught the end of Deep Blue Sea with the hubby, which is one of the few movies that doesn't have a guy and girl making out at the end because the woman dies, and it's just LL Cool J and this blonde guy, and nobody wants to see them making out.

The truth is that I just couldn't turn my brain off, and so couldn't get to sleep.

And my tea during Deep Blue Sea might have been caffeinated.

Fortunately for me, most people with school and work in the morning don't stay up until insane hours like I do, so the game is fairly sparse late at night on the N. American realms. This means more nodes I can pick up, fewer bosses being camped, and a wonderful feeling of being left alone.

Unfortunately, this is probably bad for my life, health, and work, and it's certainly been bad for my church attendance, so we're "correcting" our schedule this week. *sigh* Goodbye late-night gaming.

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