Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swift Flight Form, or "Yes, You CAN Train It and Do the Quest Later"

A while back, I told my husband "No, you can't train swift flight form. You must do the quest at 70. Your alliance druid exists so I can have the Raven Lord on Birdfall and I'm not going to let a little training incident waste all that time!"

This last Sunday, my husband helped his best friend finish the druid swift flight form quest, the quest you must perform to summon the boss (Anzu) who drops the mount.

This is pertinent because he'd already trained swift flight form at a trainer.

Therefore, this has been confirmed by someone I know and trust. You can do the swift flight form quest for the summoning capability even if you train.

Also note that the moonstone goes on your keyring and just stays. It no longer gets used up.


  1. Oh yeah, I knew about this. You should've asked about it or something. One of my Guildies (a hilarious that has his Druid go by Housebroken) was trying to farm a Ravenlord mount for the longest time. Then something happened and he had to reroll Houebroken.

  2. Sooo glad I checked this before I started the q, now I can do this later on. Great with a confirmation (:


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