Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mounts for Lowbies, or "Do Outlands on a Faster... Flyer?!"

Today, blue poster Zarhym announced a series of changes. The important thing to grasp here is that you will get mounts sooner and cheaper, including your first flying mount.

Prices will include training + mount cost but not reputation discounts.

First Ground Mount

Once upon a time, you got your first mount at level 40 for 100g. They moved that back to level 30 and 45g not too long ago. Then, today, they moved it again: level 20 and 5g. Movement speed still increased by 60%.

Second (Epic) Ground Mount

Once upon a time, the first epic ground mount cost 700g at level 60 and have remained thus through all permutations. They increase speed by 100%. Today, they moved that back to level 40 and 60g.

First Flying Mount

The normal flying mounts have stayed static at 900g at level 70. This increases your speed by 60% on ground or in air and the changes to this one are more impressive than for the others: 650g at level 60 and a speed increase to 150% while flying. So not only are you flying sooner, you're flying faster.

Second (Epic) Flying Mount

5,200g at level 70 for 280% air speed. No big changes here, except the mounts themselves are reduced by 100g, making the total cost 5,100g.

Cold Weather Flying


All in all, I love it. I want my piles of gold and several months of my life back, but I love it. It makes leveling easier, which is the point. And as for the whole "Noobs need the game on hardmode like we had it" -- the game is ALWAYS hardmode for noobs. They don't know how to play, so it's reasonable to expect that they find it hard.

When someone is a new player, unless they have a friend to help them out with stuff like this, they don't even know mounts exist until they go to a big city and ask "Where u get that?" And usually the answer is "Somewhere you can't go yet, like Stratholme." Which doesn't help in the slightest.

So you hardcore purists just chillax. The really dumb ones will fail no matter what Blizzard does to help them. And the smart, responsible ones really don't need you putting them down.


  1. Actually there is one slight change to the Flying mount costs that Zarhym posted. Both the Flying and Epic flying mount costs and training will now be subject to faction reputation discounts. So 20% off if you manage to get Exalted with the right faction (my guess is Honor Hold/Thrallmar since they'll now be purchasable there too).

  2. And coolest of all, IMO, is that class travel related abilities are adjusted to account for the changes:

    Druid travel form, Shaman Ghostwolf form and Hunter Aspect of the Cheetah are available at level 16

    Paladin and Warlock mounts are available at levels 20 & 40 (normal and fast, resp).

    Druid flight form available at level 60 and speed increased to 150%

    Swift flight form available at level 70.

    I guess Druids no longer get to fly early. Hm. But since they get the expert riding skill (the one needed to fly) for free, I can't imagine anyone will feel sorry for them.

  3. I hope they don't remove the Pally/Warlock quests (even if they don't reward the mounts anymore) the Warlock one was fun >.>

  4. hahaha ... this is bittersweet. My main is only lv. 62 and I've been trying for a while to build up the cash to get my epic mount. Now I have enough gold to get it several times over, with this change.

    At least I didn't advance past too many levels trying to make the money. :P And at this rate I should have no problem getting the flying one soon after.

    Being in that position, this is a relief but is also a bit annoying. In any case, all my alts will have the good life! They're all rich since I started saving up for mounts for them right away, they have more than enough!

  5. *facepalms*

    Meh, I don't like the changes, personally. The only thing that kept me from going AH crazy was that I needed to save for my mounts...


    *sighs* Now it feels weird....


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