Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emergency Sims System, or "This Is Not a Test"

Sims 3 comes out today and I'm not sure how much I'll be posting here until I get all the squees out of my system.

Added onto Sims 3, and possibly a more palatable excuse for dereliction, my mom is having surgery on the 8th and I'm flying down Thursday to take care of her for two and a half weeks. I won't have WoW there (or husband *sad*), but I have talked my dad into letting me use his computer for my new Sims and my BFF (and guildmate!) is going to drop by for a sleepover.

As most of you can probably guess, my favorite parts of Warcraft are the parts that The Sims do best: clothing, story arcs, hair, accessories, scenery... The thing is, though, that playing the Sims never really went anywhere and I always had to come back to WoW to feel like I could accomplish something.

So even though Sims is my vacation house, WoW is where I live. I'll be back before long.


  1. Let there be SIMS! :D

    Have fun!

    All WoW needs is houses and a wardrobe. Just sayin'...


  2. Why. Are. People. Down- Loading. Me?!


  3. Because I made a Sim of you and uploaded it to the official site. Duh.

  4. Hope everything goes well with your mother...

    And I hope you write what you think of Sims here too! I want to buy it, but not until I know if it seems to be any good...


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