Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aggressive Money-Making, or "After You Max Out Quests, Try This"

Once you hit the level cap, doing old quests and dailies are great ways to make money but old quests do run out and dailies are limited.

I've already told you how I make money and how penniless lowbies can make money, so now I'll let you know how my friend MK got 40,000g on his old server with super-aggressive AH techniques. These are hardcore and require both time and attention, but the rewards are hefty.

Fact: AH prices vary widely between both server and faction.

What does that mean? MK explained how he examined different AH price trends and concluded that there is no correlation between prices anywhere. Each faction on each server has its own unique economy and it does not match anyone else's -- even between Alliance and Horde on the same server.

What MK learned is that if you can get an alliance and horde bank with a reasonable amount of base gold, you can make massive profit buying items that go cheap on one side, transfer them through the AH, and resell them on the other.
  1. Spend a few weeks trolling both alliance and horde auction houses to find out what items have the biggest price discrepancy.
  2. Figure out if they'll sell, and how quickly. (Listed for a lot of gold does not mean it sells for that much.)
You want to find an item that one side has in large supply for cheap that the other has in short supply and will pay through the nose to get.

Then you need to buy it low and sell it high.

Fact: Most people list items between 10AM and 5PM.

Another super-aggressive technique of MK's is to list his items before 10AM and go back after 5PM to remove and relist anything that got undercut. Most people, he says, list something at a normal time of day and leave it alone until it times out. This is a time-intensive method, but you don't argue with a man in possession of 40,000g.

Fact: Making money, like everything else in this game, is a matter of time spent immersing yourself. The more you work at making money, the more money you'll make.

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