Saturday, August 25, 2007

Perfect Mounts, or "I Never Said I Was Realistic"

Last post, I mentioned the epic flying phoenix mount as the best-themed mount for Dustfire, taking into consideration her name and personality. (Dust and fire are both aspects of the phoenix, which is a fiery beast that burns itself out and is born again from its own ashes.)

This mount is a rare drop (estimated 3-8% drop) off of Kael'thas Sunstrider in the 25-man/level 70 raid instance, The Eye. I expect I'll have to run The Eye multiple times at level 80 with a group of friends before this mount actually drops. That means . . . Christmas 2008?

This is the Raven Lord, a rare epic land mount (NOT flying) also only available in a level 70 instance. Though the instance is the Heroic Mode Sethekk Halls, the boss who drops this mount (Anzu) can only be summoned by a druid who is performing or has finished his/her epic flight form quest. Therefore, only a party that contains a druid, and only if that druid has or is currently getting epic flight form, can summon the boss to drop this mount.

I have decided that I only want Birdfall to get this. Eventually. (Three years? I'm sure it will take that long. Maybe four, since I'm not currently leveling her.) Like with Dustfire and the phoenix, I think that the connection with the character's name is too good to overlook. A bird that cannot fly. Bird. Fall.

It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


  1. ^_^; Just read over this again. Christmas 2008 is very hopeful. Silly me. Christmas 2009 is more realistic.

  2. Christmas 2009 was almost right on the dot. I got it Sept 2009.


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