Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Battle-Bots Are Ready, or "Get Them Before August 20th"

Battle-Bots are now available from the Mountain Dew thing. You must get it before August 20th or lose it forever. All of your characters get one in the mail.

US Only may be strictly enforced. EU players could get the bots for a limited time through a technical bug, but Blizzard says those that did will have them removed. Canadians can get them but theirs may also be removed. I read that a player in Mexico also managed to get one. We'll see how strict Blizzard wants to be on this.

YOU MUST register for a account. Clicking the proper "Claim Your Pet" banner will redirect you to Blizzard has really been pushing and I think they'll get most eligible players this way.

What is

Blizzard implemented a while back for gamers to access and manage ALL of their Blizzard games through one account, without having to maintain several separate accounts.

This is very helpful for the players who play multiple Blizzard games but seemed like a hassle to me since I have just one account. I resisted signing up mainly because of Mac login issues, connection issues, and malfunctioning login servers right after it came out. Those things made me trust the system less, though I imagine by now that they have most (if not all) the kinks worked out.

Just fill out the information they require, confirm your email, and choose to "merge" your WoW account with From here on out, you use your email as your login name and whatever password you gave

This actually seems like a great option if you want to change your security question on your account -- they ask you for a new one. So if you bought your account used and don't know how to change your Question & Answer, just switch to It should remove a huge security issue.


Is it horrible that I really want Mountain Dew Game Fuel right now? I'm kinda thirsty... just spent all night at the hospital with my mom... and I could seriously go for some citrusy horde or blue-y alliance.

Too bad for the company, I never got my driver's license.

Naptime! :D

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  1. Canada is now confirmed eligible for the bots. See

    Also the bots appear on new alts you make on the account (at least for now), and under all accounts you've merged with your account, for the multi-boxers out there. I've confirmed both of these facts this morning (and the second WoW account was merged into my ID after I got the bot on the first account, and still got the bot).


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