Sunday, June 21, 2009

Midsummer 2009, or "Try to Work Around the Bugs"

Feel free to read about Midsummer 2008 and I'll update this post as I find out what's changed.


Flames of [Insert Place]: Use the maps on Wowwiki. I have a few details in last year's post. Honor and Desecrate everything. Even if you don't want the holiday stuff, you can still get xp perks. I'm 78 and get 22,600 experience from desecrating and 10,800 experience from honoring. I think the xp scales based on your level, but if you're behind on your levels and want to pwn your current area, this is a cheap and easy way to get ahead.

City Flames: Get to the opposing city flame, wait for mobs and other players to get busy with someone else (busy server) or out of the way (slow server) and click the flame. It'll give you a [Flame of City] that starts a quest to turn it in. Move on to the next.

Kill Ahune: The quest leading up to killing him gives you a nice tabard and 20 blossoms, so consider that. He also occasionally drops a pet.

Pole Dance: Get all the clothes (shoes, dress, shoulders) and dance at the pole for 60 seconds.

Torch Juggler:

I hate Torch Catching. Buff catch zone, imo. (It's really hard to judge distance that accurately.) Took me about 30 minutes of nonstop trying and camera angling to get the quest done that gives you 5 juggling torches and opens up the juggling torches on the vendor. Once you get this, the rest is downhill.

The nature of juggling torches is this: they disappear from your bags when you throw them but they return when you catch them. So you don't lose them, but you do need a reasonable number to make the 15 second mark. With just 5, you have to wait for them to get back to you to throw them again. I tried 10 torches, hotkeyed, and got it. So just spend 5 flowers on another stack from the vendor and you're gold.

Go to Dalaran. Find a quiet spot. Hit the hotkey and click the spot under your character's feet. Do this rapidly until you get the achievement.


  1. You had a hard time with torch catching? I thought that one was easy...

    Torch throwing was hard...

    Torch catching I just followed where the slow moving shadow on the ground went and it'd hit where I was standing...

  2. If I remember correctly, I had the easiest time catching the torches in Thunderbluff. There are places in Orgimmar where the shadows weren't as visible.

  3. If I remember correctly, I ran off into the water in Stormwind once, trying to look up.

    Run off TB? O.O Eep.

    Yeah, I didn't get the shadow thing. Plus, 12 other people doing theirs at the same time... not so helpful.

  4. For the torch catching, I went to Exodar. Not a soul there ever, I don't have to worry whose shadow I'm chasing and I did the quests and dailies in one shot. Also, there's never lag in Exodar. For horde, I hear that Silvermoon is about the same. I could imagine that ground texture might be a problem in TB the way it is in Darnassus and SW...
    And a little squee... I got the achievement done yesterday, but with the fires I did last year, I only had enough petals for the achievement. No minipet makes Sara sad :o( Well, blizz gave me a lovely gift this morning. Being able to redo all the fires (without loosing the achievements since I completed them) I now have my spirit of summer! Yay!! So if you've already completed any of the fire achievements, I'd recommend going back and redoing them. You get a tonna cash and enough blossoms to buy everything the vendor can toss at ya!

  5. Like the poster above, I get to redo all my fires too. The difference being I did them all yesterday, not last year :D


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