Friday, June 19, 2009

Argent Changes, or "Freaking Out About Prices Much?"

Blizzard: You get a new pet -- an upgraded Argent Squire available for 150 seals! He'll give you bank or mailbox or vendor access every 8 hours, depending on what you choose.
Dumb People: WTF?! That's awesome, but at 5 seals a day, it'll take forever!
Blizzard: Um . . . didn't you see the line above that about "new dailies"?
Dumb People: Grinding this will be an impossible task!
Blizzard: No, it's cool. You'll totally get more dailies and thus more seals. You can afford stuff now.
Dumb People: WAIL! WHINE! Blizzard is so mean only giving us 5 seals a day!
Blizzard: Really, guys. We got your back. Don't stress about it. Just go read the rest of the patch notes and you'll see.
Dumb People: *plugs ears* I can't hear you! LALALALALA! You're a meanie face and that's all you'll ever be!
Blizzard: *sigh* Fine. Whatever.

  • Argent Squire 2.0 - (8 hr cooldown) Choose to use this mounted cutie as a bank, mailbox, or vendor. He only works for you. I'm hoping they'll make this one a different race than the original two. :)
  • Portal Tabard - Argent Crusade tabard ports you to the tournament grounds. Woot.
  • Faction Tabards - Alliance Silver Covenant and Horde Sunreavers.
  • Argent Crusade Banner - Poke a banner in the ground, watch it stand and wave around.
  • Mounts - Paladin charger, alliance horse & hippogryph, horde hawkstrider & dragonhawk.
  • Pet - Wyrmling. I think it's a recolor of this. That's my least favorite pet, aside from the one that doesn't exist to me, so meh.
I'm excited about the new squire and the tabard that ports you, cuz it's SUCH a long flight out there. Birdy even has her hearth set at the tourney to avoid the commute.

I might be excited about the dragonhawk, depending on what it looks like. Dragonhawks tend to be hot. I feel bad, though, that the hippogryph and dragonhawk aren't available for everyone. I like that the two factions have their own individual mounts, but I know a few hordies who liked the white hippogryph skin. :/ Oh well.

No photos yet. I'll edit them in when they become available.

In RL news, my mom has recovered in leaps and bounds and has plenty of energy to complain about all the things she still can't eat. I'll be flying home tomorrow, back to the computer that doesn't randomly decide to disconnect every 2 minutes. :) Still, I'm not sure if I'll miss my parents or their laundry setup more. I think laundry wins, because you can't call laundry when you miss it.

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