Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sir Fails A Lot, or "How to Tell If You're Full of Fail"

If you don't have an Arena title and you try to tell a Gladiator how to play his class...

If you randomly insult a member of the guild you do 25-mans with...

If you put down the guild leader's class in your application...

If you ask a guy you just ninja'd from if you can join his guild...

If you go back to taunt the person who reported you since you just got a measly 3 hour account suspension...

...You Fail

Some of the most vocal players like to toss around numbers and pwnage and rampant epeening. On Zuluhed forums, these same players who are the server's "best" are also the server's "worst."

In a recent list of Zuluhed's "best players," it included one of my guild's members (who got Gladiator on a better-ranked server) and one of my guild's former members (who left on good terms and is still an honorary guildie imo).

Of those listed as "best," over half proceeded to troll that thread.

Better Than U

I run into people every now and then who assume the only thing that matters is stats, and that people will inevitably respect and respond to numbers, proof, and grandstanding.

These people think proving oneself is all about beating everyone else down.

A Clue

Perhaps I'm just not the kind of person these people routinely deal with, but I've never responded to guys who try to put others down to make themselves look good.

Not just as a player, but as a woman. I saw it in high school, too, and it's a huge turnoff.

It's the same reaction you see at clubs and on TV, when a guy in a sleazy shirt tries a one-liner and all the women look at him like he just offered them a dead animal.

So, yeah. When a guy epeens at me with his stats, expecting me to respect him for his l33tness, it's like he's offering me a dead rat. I'm not impressed. I'm not flattered to have him talk to me. I'm disgusted. And in my mind, I'm turning away from that guy and giving him a good, old-fashioned "Get lost, you creep I would never ever go out with" girly snub.

So I'm going to offer a whack with the Clue Stick right here:

I do not care if you're L33T.

I do not care if you have the best of everything.

I do not care if you have better achievements than me.

I care if you're polite.

I, like many players, was raised by parents who insisted I be respectful of other people. I grew up with Manners.

Now, I want to be very clear about this. I'm not complaining and whining and grousing about how mean some people are. I'm saying, very simply: If you have no Manners, you don't have my respect. You do not exist. I put you on Ignore because that is how Not Interested I Am in hearing it.

A lot of guys are rude for a reaction, attention, or contrariness.

I don't care. I really, really don't. Except for making a good story on my blog, wherein I might string someone along to see them bury themselves with fail, I auto-ignore and cease to think about the offender ever again.

That's how I roll. I might get a little disgusted during the exchange itself, but in the end ... anyone willing to be rude is a person I don't want to waste synapses on.


  1. I know a woman who goes for the loud, brash guys, then doesn't understand why they treat her like crap. She says, "But he's a nice guy, you just have to get to know him."

    No, he's an asshole. He treats you and everyone else, like shit. He makes rude comments and doesn't understand why people get upset. He thinks people just need to grow a thicker skin, he was "just joking around."

    She reminds me of women who wait for their abusive husbands to get out of jail, all the while protesting that he's really a nice guy underneath, and it was all her fault that he beat her.


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