Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Overflowing With Fish, or "Vacations Are Great For Farming"

While I'm at my parent's house and able to get on without the pressure of being social (I'm still letting my guild think I don't have access so I can catch up on Birdy goals, though now all 3 of them who read this know that), I decided to pursue my fishing grind. I've never bothered to sit and take care of grinding the fishing pets or anything, in part because only Dusty had the skill to try and she always got distracted by someone needing something.

I don't now how much I farmed Northrend pools. I watched a lot of TV and took a lot of breaks. I got hundreds of fish. (I will never run out of agility food.) And, finally, HE dropped. Honestly, I heard of him taking close to 3,000 casts and expected to keep going for several more days.

In the photo above, you can see the pool in Grizzly Hills I fished my turtle out of. I got this tight pang in my stomach when I saw him, sucked in my breath, and told my mom to hand me the phone.

I called my husband and said "Hold the phone away from your head."

Then I screamed.

He put the phone back to his ear and said "What did you get?"

He was happy, I was happy, even mom was happy (though confused). I'm so thrilled! Even that death-defying beetle that I had to flee from at 2 a.m. (it FLEW) was worth it. (I ran to get dad and he killed it.) :D


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  1. *claps excitedly*

    Congratulations, dear. I'm glad to hear you got that Turtle.

    Odds are, I'm going to get all the mounts and pets I want for my main on my Paladin alt. >.> Oh well.


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