Monday, May 25, 2009

Prep for Winter's Veil, or "Opening Up Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la"

I don't know if things changed after Wrath or what, but I opened up Ogri'la without the messy group quests. I did this on Birdfall at level 73 without any prerequisites. I got my flying mount, I went straight to Ogri'la. I hadn't done any Skyguard quests, I didn't talk to anyone in Blade's Edge Mountains, I did this completely clean. I couldn't possibly have done something by accident that opened these up.

What I did:
  • Fly straight to Ogri'la.
  • Complete [The Crystals] by getting 5 Apexis Shards (they drop off area mobs).
  • Pick up [An Apexis Relic] and do the Simon quest. I find whispering yourself the colors (RBYG) in order really helps and you don't have to download an addon.
  • Turn that in, pick up the daily version and do it again. This awards you 15 Apexis Shards. (Takes too long to grind 10 for the next quest, plus you get rep and cash this way.)
  • Get [Our Boy Wants to Be A Skyguard Ranger] and go to the northern camp. Turn in 10 shards for the item at the western hillock (hover over the thing spouting green smoke until your cursor changes, click it, make the trade, quest complete).
  • Go back and turn it in.
That will open up [The Skyguard Outpost].
  • Take it, run north, and turn it in.
  • Get the followup, [Bombing Run]. For this, you fly over the meanie camp and bomb the piles of cannonballs (they have a red cursor over them). Keep moving or you'll get shot down. Epic flyer helps a lot here.
  • Complete it, turn it in.
Now the daily bombing quest is open for your Christmas festivities and the completion of Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la. :)

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  1. This helped me soooo much! Thank you for posting all your tips :)


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