Friday, February 27, 2009

New Hippogryph, or "They STILL Couldn't Make It Pink?"

So they have a brown hippogryph as a prize for the ARGENT (not Arena) Tournament.

What I want to know is . . . where's the PINK?

November '07, MMO-Champion found several different hippogryph mount skins. My sister-in-law was thrilled about the white one, but I was ravenous for the pink.

Husband said, "Well, at least this means they're still open to using the hippogryph skins."

And I said, "As long as they don't make it a raid achievement."

Because they just announced they were taking out two raid achievement mounts (just like the warbear) when Ulduar comes out in 3.1 (after giving us only, what, four months?! to finish the requisite raid achievements? My raid character isn't even 80 yet!!!): the black and plagued proto drakes. They are leaving in the red proto drake for the heroic dungeons (not raids) and adding two new mounts for the higher level raids.

Though the drake they're putting in for beating Ulduar on heroic (unconfirmed) is even cooler, I still maintain that Blizzard never gives slower raid guilds (or players) the time to finish mile-markers before ripping mounts out from under us. People say it makes them too "easy" but there's nothing easy about getting a 25-man together.

I'm also opposed to limited status pieces and I always have been. We pay enough for this game that everyone should be able to get what they want at their own speed and mounts and pets should not be available outside the game in limited supply. (I realize many people disagree. But I've noticed that the people who disagree have these mounts and pets. And most of the people I know who have everything are arrogant jerks who are no fun to be around and make me wish they got poo instead of nice things for their efforts.)

My last note: You want to keep people from farming stuff? Just make everything as discouraging as the Kael'thas fight. I've only been able to stomach trying to get a group together twice.

Disclaimer: I am hormonal. This happens 2 days a month. Do not attempt to be rational. Just nod, leave your cute pets on the ground, and smile as you back away slowly.


  1. Really was disappointing to hear them say they want to take out the raid achievement drakes. I would have been happy with a compromise of them NOT making them 310% speed :\ and just letting collectors like me have a shot at regular old versions.

    I don't raid more than 2 days a week, and right now we're more interested in finishing up and gearing content than do achievements. Even if we started doing it now, we'd have to do at least 4 weeks of cutting 1/5 of our group out to do the "Few" achievements. (Which I think are a dumb idea to begin with given that it actively discourages bringing people, who wants to be the raid leader that says 'We're doing an achievement so you can't come, even though we have a spot.')

    Blizz used to have this "nothing is eternal" philosophy with rewards, that's why gear reset with the expansions and they kept some of the rarer mounts (Raptor, Phoenix). Yet this is going against that....the top raiders get to have them for a few months and be cool, then everyone else has a slightly easier time, but by then, the top raiders have the NEW drakes.

    It's tooooooooootally stupid.

  2. . . . make me wish they got poo instead of nice things for their efforts

  3. On a positive side for the Hippogryph: It looks like it can land and not hover like the CE ones. That is a major plus for me. x)

  4. I can see doing this with things like titles, but it seems kind of, well ... mean to do it with mounts.

    The people who are only after a status symbol that shows how "leet" they are, don't care what form the status symbol takes as long as it is just for people who did things of a certain difficulty.

    But there are people in the game who actually collect mounts/pets as their main reason or one of their main reasons for playing the game and I would guess those people generally aren't in the top raiding guilds or focusing on raiding only. It seems weird to punish those people so that the e-peen guys can have their status symbol when the e-peen guys would be just as happy with a title that would no longer be available to anyone else.


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