Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines 2009, or "Yay, Hearts Everywhere!"

Feel free to check Valentines 2007 and 2008. Last year has the quest chain walkthrough. I'll edit this post as I go, and don't forget that Lunar Festival is still going and ends very soon.

Get to a city innkeeper (not Exodar or Silvermoon) and get cologne, perfume (both have 10 charges, so just grab them one at a time, no need for bulk) and a bunch of Love Tokens.

Once an hour, if you're wearing the appropriate scent (cologne for female guards, perfume for male), you can show your love to a city guard by giving them a Love Token (right-click, "can I give?"). DO NOT waste Love Tokens until the Adored debuff wears off! I'm seeing people running around tossing love at guards or civilians continuously -- this does not get you the good presents. It gets you the cheap pointless presents.*

Sometimes, instead of a gift, they'll break your heart. If you see others with broken hearts, toss a ring of friendship at them and it will heal them. This is an achievement now, so you shouldn't have to beg to get fixed anymore.

Last note, you get GIFTS of Adoration from civilians and PLEDGES of Adoration from guards. They hold the same items but you need 1 GIFT from each city for an achievement.

*The cheap presents used to be useful in acquiring the Faction Gift Collection. Which used to be the ONLY way to get a Peddlefeet pet. Now he's a random rare drop. So no need to bother unless you really really want to waste the time.

Required Items for Title Achievement
Title: "The Love Fool"
  • 20 Unbestowed Friendship Bracelets
  • 10 Silver Shafted Arrows
  • 10 Love Rockets
  • 3 Different City Gifts of Adoration (from civilians)
  • 11 Handful of Rose Petals
  • 4 Different Holiday Candies
  • 1+ Bag of Candies
  • 1 Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses (boss drop)*
  • 5 Love Fool
* The Red bouquet of roses was removed from the game as a drop, per a Blue post, and then put back in the game on the bosses that drop the Ebon bouquet, per a different Blue post.

Rare Drops from Pledges of Adoration

Gifts now soulbound.
Places You Have to Visit
And What You Do There

You need 5 Love Fools and at least 1 Handful of Rose Petals for this part. (Similar to handfuls of snowflakes at Winter Veil, the petals must go on characters with a specific race and class combination.)
  1. Dalaran: Click on a romantic picnic basket. Someone else should join you. Win. (Does not have to be your basket, can be anyone's.)
  2. Ironforge (A): Get a Gift of Adoration from a civilian. Drink until you get "smashed," perfume yourself, toss a Handful of Petals on Sraaz and /kiss him.
  3. Stormwind (A): Get a Gift of Adoration from a civilian. Pick up Dangerous Love, covered in my 2008 post.
  4. Darnassus (A): Get a Gift of Adoration from a civilian.
  5. Undercity (H): Get a Gift of Adoration from a civilian. Drink until you get "smashed," perfume yourself, toss a Handful of Petals on Jeremiah Payson and /kiss him. Pick up Dangerous Love, covered in my 2008 post.
  6. Orgrimmar (H): Get a Gift of Adoration from a civilian.
  7. Thunder Bluff (H): Get a Gift of Adoration from a civilian.
  8. Arathi Basin (Queue From a Battlemaster in Any City): Use a Love Fool at the blacksmith and /pity it, or /pity someone else's.
  9. Wintergrasp (Northrend): Use a Love Fool and /pity it anywhere in the zone.
  10. Gurubashi Arena (Stranglethorn Vale): Drop down in the ring that marks you for PVP, drop a Love Fool and /pity it, or /pity someone else's before you get killed.
  11. Culling of Stratholm (Tanaris, Level 75 Required): Go to the Caverns of Time, enter the instance, drop your Love Fool, /pity it, exit. May have minimum level requirement.
  12. Naxxramas (Northrend, Dragonblight, Winterguard Keep, Level 80? Required): Find a friend to join a group with you, convert to a raid (top of raid panel), enter the instance, drop your Love Fool, /pity it, exit. May have minimum level requirement.
  13. Alterac Mountains (89, 75): Final turn-in spot for the Dangerous Love quest chain.


  1. I'd also like to point out if you want to mention it, that the Love Rocket achievement seems bugged. I fired off my full 10 in well under 20 seconds and the counter went to 9/10 and then reset to 1/10. I believe that moving whilst firing them off as I did will cause you problems, also you may want to track the achievement and report any additional bugs of it not counting to a GM and ask them if they could possibly reimburse you the love rockets. :)

  2. Also worth noting that the Bag of Candy doesn't necessarily get you the achievement. I came up two short. It appears that the candies generated are random

  3. I've noticed the Bag of Candy can repeat itself and not give you everything.

    Also, I think this is a bug, not sure, I gave a Love Token to a guard while AFK and didn't get any gift. So just be careful about that.

  4. The bag of candy is random. I got all but one on my first bag. On my second I finally got the one I needed on my very last candy. I was about to get really mad!

    Also, I had a couple of bug outs as well in Stormwind. The harbor guards had hearts over their heads but didn't give me anything. Unfortunately, it did give me the adored buff anyway, so I had to wait another hour to try again.

    The lovely black dress seems to drop more frequently. I've gotten two in the past two days.

  5. And the lovely black dress is not soulbound. I got one on a character that wouldn't use it and mailed it off to my kid's character who would use it.

    Although, yeah, the picnic basket does bind. I was real excited to get one. Found myself a port to Dalaran, set up and shared the achievement with a few others. It was significantly less exciting to get the second basket.

  6. Urgh, the baskets ... haha .. I was so excited when I got one ... only to get three more in quick succession. :-/

    I've finally gotten everything I need from the gifts to do the achievements, except the pet. If only I didn't love pets so much ... it looks like I'm going to be standing around harassing guards for another few days. :P

  7. I still need the pet and would like to have a basket... I've only gotten dresses and pies so far lol. It took me 3 bags of candy to get all the achievement. x/


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