Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Argent Tournament, or "Get Your New Mounts and Pets Here! Just... Waiting for Patch 3.1"

I am cranky.

After an entire weekend tending to a husband with a bad reaction to his tetanus shot (fever, nausea, wooziness, exhaustion), I stayed up until 9AM yesterday, woke up at 3PM, and got back to bed at 9PM last night.

Weird for me, but my schedule is always weird. (It's usually more like 3AM to 2PM, and yes, I actually do need that much sleep. The doctor says it's not the average, but what's normal for my body is normal for my body.)

So this morning I got up at 9AM and read about the fancy new World Event with mounts and pets coming up in the next major content patch.

The PTRs just went up (they did, right?), and husband said that with the enormity of this patch, it'll be a while before they actually implement it, so I'm assuming I have about 2 months and plenty of time to keep myself busy until Sims 3 (yes, WoW right now is just a way to pass time until my true obsession gets its pretty little packaging in line -- I've even been "preparing" for Sims 3 with the same intensity some fanatics prepared for Wrath, by downloading hundreds of faces of people and blueprints of houses to create in my game).

So I read about the new World Event, the unidentified pets and mounts, and I said "This is in Northrend. Birdfall is not in Northrend. I wonder if you have to be 80 to participate?"

So my goal, ostensibly over the next two months (my time estimate), is to get Dusty and Birdfall to at least 75.

Dusty is 73. No big there.

Birdfall is 60. And played primarily with husband's druid.

So, burning with the intensity of these decisions, I attempted to log on.

Realm maintenance.

/facepalm Don't I usually sleep through this?! Why couldn't I have slept the day away today instead of yesterday and had tomorrow for clear-headed playing?


Now I actually have to do laundry like I said I would.

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  1. They add a ton of achievements for the Easter event so deadline for the patch would be April 7th. If these achievements are not for this year, they probably wouldn't add them now.

    Plus, as someone reported, the internal calendar on the PTR changed the Easter event from 1 day to 1 week.

    We can probably expect 3.1 to hit life on April 7th the latest.


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