Monday, May 26, 2008

Bye Bye Bear-Bear, or "/tantrum"

Ok, so I'm not actually throwing a tantrum, but Blizzard is taking the Amani War Bear out of the game when the expansion comes out. People get to keep the ones they have, but level 80 makes the grind for bear mounts too "unsporting" or something, since they're a 100% drop rate in a timed instance event.

We've had tale of a polar bear mount in the expansion, but the Amani War Bear is an enslaved druid. Which is just plain more awesome.

Sign my petition and ignore the jerks I'm sure have replied trying to make fun of and discourage me. They're why I never revisit any forum post I make.
My guild is a few months from being able to do Tier 6 and possibly clear ZA. We're cutting it close if we want any Amani War Bears, and I just hatehatehate that it's being completely removed right around the time we can start putting serious effort into getting them.

Why can't you just make it a much lower drop rate instead of destroying it?

/sign if you want it to stay in too

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