Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kael'thas at 80, or "Farming for Phoenixes"

[This strat has been OUTDATED.]

This is what we learned going in with: 13 people in greens, blues, and Naxx gear, and no clue:

You can walk straight to him. I think. Just kill some trash on the way.

The four adds attack one by one. Then a bunch of weapons attack. Have a basic kill order, nothing fancy, they fall fast because you're level 80.

When the weapons die, you must pick them up and equip them. Everyone can get one or more than one. I suggest, if things are going well, do it before you kill the last weapon.
  • Tanks should get the [Phaseshift Bulwark] shield. This has a Use to withstand Kael'thas's pyroblast.
  • At least 2 Melee should get the [Infinity Blade] dagger. You stab your friends with it and remove Mind Control from them.
  • At least 2 Players should get the [Staff of Disintegration]. This has an area-of-effect Use to make everyone in 30 yards immune to stuns.
You MUST have people assigned to these weapons and to use them.

While you're equipping the legendary weapons, you only have a few seconds before the 4 adds rez in the spot they died. They are tougher this round and your dps needs to be good enough to kill them before Kael'thas joins the fray.

Once he does, if you're still struggling to get them down, you might as well just reset the fight. You need more dps.

First, you will almost constantly be stunned and disoriented. The staff-bearers are vital for this part.

Second, you will almost constantly be mind controlled. The people on daggers are vital for removing it.

Third, Kael will bubble and pyroblast. The tank on him must use his or her shield to withstand it.

Fourth, Kael will summon phoenixes that will turn into eggs. The dps must kill the phoenixes and eggs.

Then I think he might die if you do all that. I don't know from experience. We didn't kill him in an hour and a half even after growing to 16 level 80's. This fight is more about coordination and teamwork than your personal gear and level of resist. There really is no level high enough to withstand stuns and mind controls, and those are what get you.


  1. In other words, no, Dusty does *not* have the Ashes of the A'lar yet.

    And she is sad.

    So very, very, sad.

  2. I recently went with a full group of PuG'ed 25 people on Horde of Aerie Peak EU. Our first attempt was our best, we got him to 50% but with only 5 people alive we didn't have the dps or healer mana to finish off the phoenixes and him.

    Just some points I'd like to make, at 50% just before he killed us he moved into 'phase 5', which is a gravity lapse style of event similar to what he does in Magister's Terrace. You're meant to have killed all the phoenixes and eggs by this point which we hadn't. So he won't die for you just yet, 50% is the point of relief where if enough people live things get easier :)

    Next point, we had 2 healers (of which i was one). Fail. Your healers need to outnumber your tanks and be equal to or just under your DPS players at 80 in my opinion. Bring a mix of paladin, druid, priest and shaman healer. 1 of each (4 healers) would be ideal. You can NOT out DPS this fight. Healing is the key.

    Gear is still a factor. A 25k health, raid buffed, WotLK tank is nice but a 30k Naxx geared one is better. Kaels pyro hits for 23,265 fire damage which can be more easily sucked up if the tank is over 23k hp and also having the cosmic infuser buff (explained below) will help reduce damage. This is of course if the tanks in your group don't taunt and pop their legendary shield absorptions.

    Healers need to have enough spell power to cope with the drop they will possibly see when equipping the legendaries. Yes you may be a Naxx geared healer but keep in mind you're doing the job of 2 people even at 80 so you need to, of a fashion, outgear the instance. The cosmic infuser will cause a 100 or so spell power loss but you do gain +50% resistances to people you heal (the tanks).

    A Hunter or two may be useful for misdirects.

    Use a DPS metre like Recount. If people are doing under 1,500 DPS you need to pull them aside and suggest improvements or whatever.

    Can't think of much else at the minute. We had too many DK's thinking they could just out dps the joint, as I said thats the wrong way to go about it. I think the fact he doesn't have an enrage timer also reinforces this point :)

  3. Oh and additionally if you're a priest say and using a staff keep in mind the mace is 1H so bring an off-hand to the fight for the 4th phase just incase :) Thats if you don't take up the legendary staff.

  4. And she is sad.
    Very sad. But I have Sims 3 coming out next month to comfort me. XD

    I'll definitely pass those notes along, Jiriki. They should be a big help for this Saturday's run.


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